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so...there's this guy....

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Joined: May 2008
so...there's this guy....

there's this guy that I know and a lot of people say that we look 'cute' together (which is annoying) and they always ask if we are going out. Well...at a certain event this guy says that we are best friends. When I talked to one of my friends she said that I should ask him if he wants to be my boy friend...IDK what to do....and we have a lot in common too...(we're both band geeks :D)...but I still don't know how to approach this...

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Joined: Mar 2008

do you want to be his girlfriend? if yes then just talk to him and see how he feels about you. if no or if you are not sure, then don't try to be. you two may have alot in common but maybe you just want to be really good friends. either way don't get pushed into dating a guy because your friends (or anyone else) say you should.

i hope this helps. :)

all in all, it's just another brick in the wall...

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I would say that you should ask yourself if you wanna be with this guy first...if you do then talk to him...see how he feels about you...i mean outside of your friendship...if you both like each other then go for...but don't rush it...you don't wanna ruin your friendship...make sure hes first your friend...second your boyfriend...trust me if you don't its just gonna hurt you later!!!

i hope that helps!!!! :):):)

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Test the water first, show him a sign that you are interested. then if he reacts talk to him on what you feel, by that manner you'll have an option whether you'll go in a relationship or not.

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YAY! BAND GEEKS! Yeah, I'd say you could approach it a number of different ways. First off though, don't let people force you into getting a boyfriend. It usually doesn't end well. But, if you do like him, then go for it! You could go straight out and talk to him about it, OR you could be sneaky and drop hints that you have an interest in him. I'm kinda more traditional and I think the guy should ask the girl out, but if you'd rather ask him out, (after you find out if he's interested, of course) you could try leaving him little notes or something cute. That's just me though, figure out what suits you best! Best of luck!

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try to be friend first then jump to the next step

may be after talking you would not like him to be your bf...

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Joined: Aug 2011

i understand how people saying "you guys are so cute you should date" can be annoying..believe me i've been there..just make sure you aren't allowing those people to influence your decision. if you like him then go for it, but no matter what, clear things up. if one of you has feelings for the other but you don't know it, someone could get really hurt. best of luck!

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its always better to start out as friends, its helps you.. but if youre already friends with him.. if you guys start dating, you will prob. never be friends again. think about what you wanna do first.

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If you want to go out with him, it is your choice. Don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do. And I know how you feel when it comes to band geeks. I am one too! :) If you want to be with the guy then go for it!

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If you like him, say something. Boys are dumb. You have to spell it out for them.

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