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So there's this one girl, and I don't know how to handle this...

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So there's this one girl, and I don't know how to handle this...

Ok, I'm a junior guy and I met this girl over the summer and we became really good friends. I kept in touch with her, and ended up asking her to my homecoming. (she's from another school nearby) We had a really good time, but i didn't exactly have myself in order that night (I was really nervous, she's the first girl I had ever asked to a dance) Either way, she seemed really into me, We almost kissed on her front patio until her dad opened the door on us (yeah, that was awkward) We kept talking for a few weeks, but her replies became fewer and father apart, and now she won't talk back at all and when I see her she almost seems to avoid talking to me. I really like her and keep getting mixed signals and I don't know what to do about it. Please help!! advice? [insert puppy dog face here]


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Dude, I would just ask her straight up if she wants to start a relationship with you, if she says yes well thats great, but if she says no, then you wont be getting any mixed signals anymore.


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I'd say go on ahead and ask her, or invite her out somewhere if you don't wanna be so forward about it. Maybe she feels awkward over the whole "kiss" thing, or maybe her dad warned her away from you in his whole over-dad-protective-mode (something my dad would probably do). She might be thinking the same thing about you and just waiting for you to take the first step. I'm sure if she was willing to go with you to homecoming (sort of a big thing, to be invited to that) she must feel something towards you.

So, my advice is to just go on ahead and ask her out again, or talk to her straightforward, which ever you prefer. But before you do, just make sure you're ready in case of a negative answer. I don't mean to be pessimistic but sometimes people are just strange like that :) . Still though, I would rather ask her and get it over with then still be wondering 5 years down the road what she would have said.

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Maybe you should call her and ask her to go out. Or even come by her house one day. Find out if she likes you. If you know she likes you and you like her..ask her. Maybe she's been waiting all this time for you to do that. You seem nice so do it!and i agree with the person above me very good point!

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Agreed with some of the above posters. Cut straight to the chase. Ask her out on a date. Be blunt that it is a date. You already know that you can be friends with her, if you want to be more than friends then you gotta step up to the plate and make a move. Better to find out fast then let the awkwardness drag on forever.

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I went through almost the same situation this year. I asked a girl to homecoming and I was pretty nervous because I had never been to a school dance, nor have I asked someone out to a dance. After the dance, I think we were both nervous and not sure of our feelings for each other, so we went for a long hug. I kept talking to her, and, a few weeks later, I asked her out. We kissed on the second date and I have been going out with her for about two months now. My best advice would be to go for it because sulking around in regret sucks big you-know-what.

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