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Mesopotamia & Sumer

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an independent city
Sumerian gods represented these
created the world's first empire-a leader - in ancient Mesopotamia
single ruler who holds complete power
1st writing system-wedge-shaped
two rivers that form the outside border of Mesopotamia
arc of good farmland in SW Asia
First civilization-where writing was invented
system used to carry water from a river to crop fields
Hammurabi's greatest achievement-set of laws
belief in many gods
Babylonian idea that punishment should be equal to crime committed
date writing was invented
earliest rulers of Sumerian city-states
foreign empire who conquered Mesopotamia and ended its power forever
each city-state was surrounded by this for protection
two ways that Sumerians gained wealth
traditional story that uses gods and heroes to tell about people's beliefs
earliest form of writing; used pictures to represent objects
king who ruled the New Babylonians
mythical Sumerian king who searched for immortality-one of ancient Mesopotamia's most legendary historical figures
early writing tool used to make cuneiform
gifts of food, wine, and other valuables to a god
three Mesopotamian civilizations, in the order that they rose to power
a professional writer in the ancient world
greatest ruler of the babylonian Empire; he expanded and united the Empire. King
Sumerian invention that improved land trade
the land between the rivers
Mesopotamia is where the world's first civilization began
raised areas of earth created to hold back floodwaters
to water crops
a Sumerian temple
a wedged shaped instrument made out of a reed, used in cuneiform writing
a Sumerian school where young boys learned reading, writing and arithmetic
a collection of kingdoms under the power of one powerful ruler

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