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82467482IrelandNation where Englsih Protestant rulers employed brutal tactics against the local Catholic population
82467483RoanokeIsland colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh that mysteriously disappeared in the 1850s
82467484Spanish ArmadaNaval invaders defeated by English 'sea dogs' in 1588
82467485Joint Stock CompanyForerunner of the modern corporation that enabled investors to pool financial capital for colonial values
82467486Anglo - Powhatan WarName of two wars, fought in 1614 and 1644, between the english in Jamestown and the nearby Indian leader
82467487Slave CodeThe harsh system of laws governing African labor, first developed in Barbadoes and later officially adopted by South Carolina in 1696.
82467488Virginia CompanyRoyal document granting a specified group the right to form a colony and guarenteeing settlers their rights as English citizens
82467489Indentured ServantsPenniless people obligated to engage in unpaid labor for a fixed number of years, usually in exchange for passage to the New World or other benefits
82467490Iroquoispowerful Indian conferderation that dominated New York and and the easter Great Lakes area; comprised of several peoples (not the Algonquians)
82467491SquattersPoor farmers in NC and elsewhere who occupied land and raised cropes without legal title to the soil
82467492Royal ColonyTerm for colony under direct control of the English king or queen
82467493TobaccoThe primary staple crop of early VA, MD, and NC
82467494South CarolinaThe only southern colony with a slave majority.
82467495RiceThe primary plantation crop of South Carolina
82467496SavannahA melting pot twon in early colonial Georgia
82468481PowhatanIndian leader who ruled tribes in the James River area of VA
82468482Raleigh and GilbertElizabethan courtiers who failed in their attempts to found New World colonies
82468483RoanokeThe failed 'lost colony' founded by Sir Walter Raleigh
82468484Smith and RolfeVirginia leader 'saved' by Pocahantas and the prominet settler who married her
82468485VirginiaColony that established the House of Burgesses in 1619
82468486MarylandFounded as a haven for Roman Catholics
82468487Lord De La WarrHarsh military goverenr of VA who employed 'Irish Tactics' against the Indians
82469720Jamaica and BarbadosBritish West Indian sugar colines where large-scaled plantations and slvaery took root
82469721Lord BaltimoreThe Catholic aristocrat who sought to build a sanctuary for his fellow believers
82469722South CarolinaColony that turned to disease-resistant African slaves for labor in its extensive rice plantations
82469723North CarolinaColony that was called a 'vale of humility between two mountains of conciet'
82469724GeorgiaFounded as a refuge for debtors by philanthropists
82469725James OglethorpePhilanthropic soldier-statesman who founded the Georgia colony
82474648Protestant ReformationSixteenth-century religious reform movement begun by Martin Luther
82474649ProtestantsEnglish Calvinists who sought a throrough cleansing from within the Church of England
82474650SeperatistsRadical Calvinists who considered the Church of England so corrupt that they broke with it and formed their own inpendent churches
82474651Mayflower CompactThe shipboard agreement by the Pilgrim Fathers to establist a body politic and submit to majority rule
82474652CovenantPuritans' term for their belief that Massachusetts Bay had a special arrangement with Fod to become a holy society
82474653Dismissal of ParlimentCharles I's politcal action of 1629 that led to persecution of the pUritans and the formation of the Massachusetts Bay Company
82474654Fishing and ShipbuildingThe two major nonfarming industries of Massachusetts Bay
82474655AntinomianismAnne Hutchinson's heretical belief that the truly saved need not obey human or divine law
82474656BanishmentCommon fate of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson after they were convicted of heresy in Massachusetts Bay
82474657Praying TownsVillages where New England Indians who converted to Christianity were gathered
82474658King Phillip's WarSuccessful military action by the colonies united in the New Englad Confederation
82474659Glorious RevolutionEnglish revolt that also led to the overthrow of the Dominion of New Englad in America
82474660Hudson River ValleyRiver valley where vast estates created an aristocratic landholding elite in New Netherland and New York
82474661TeslotesRequired, sworn statements of loyalty or religious belief, resisted by the Quakers
82474662SmugglingCommon activity in which the colonists engaged to avoid the restrictive, unpopular Navigation Laws
82474663Martin LutherGerman monk who began Protestant Reformation
82474664John CalvinReformer whose religious ideas inspired English Puritans, Scotch, Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and Dutch Reformed
82474665MassasoitWampanoag cieftan who befriended English colonies
82474666PlymouthSmall colony that eventually merged into Massachusetts Bay
82474667Massachusetts Bay ColonyColony whose government sought to enforced God's law on believers and unbelievers alike
82474668John WinthropPromoter of Massachusetts Bay as a holy 'city upon a hill'
82474669Great Puritan MigrationMass flight by religious dissdents from the persecutions of Archbishop Laud and Charles I
82474670General CourtRepresentative assembly of Massachusetts Bay
82474671PuritansDominant religious group in Massachusetts Bay
82474672QuakersReligious group persecuted in Massachusetts and New York but not in Pennsylvania
82474673Anne HutchinsonReligious dissenter convicted of the heresy of antinomianism
82474674Roger WilliamsRadical founder of the most tolerant New England colony
82474675King PhillipIndian leader who waged an unsuccessful war against New England's white colonists
82474676Peter StuyvesantConqueror of New Sweden who later lost New Netherland to the English
82474677William PennFounder of the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonies
82475300ColoniesEarly Maryland and Virginia settlers had difficulty creating them and even more difficulty making them last
82475301DiseasePrimary cause of death among tobacco-growing settlers
82526317Indentured ServantsImmigrants who received passage to America in exchange for a fixed term of labor
82526318Headright SystemMaryland and Virginia's system of granting land to anyone who would pay trans-Atlantic passage for laborers
82526319HangingFate of many of Nathaniel Bacon's followers, though not of Bacon himself
82526320Royal African CompanyEnglish company that lost its monopoly on the slave trade in 1698
82526321Rhode IslandAmerican colony that was home to the Newport slave market and many slave traders
82526322GullahAfrican American dialect that blended English with Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa
82526323RevoltsUprisings that occurred in NYC in 1712 and in SC in 1739.
82526324First Families of Virginia (FFVs)Wealthy extended clans like the Fitzhughs, Lees, and Washingtons that dominated politics in the most populous colony
82526325Early 20sApproximate marriage age of most New England women
82526326MeetinghouseThe basic local political institution of New England, in which all freemen gathered to elect officials and debate local affairs
82526327The Half-Way CovenantFormula devised by Puritan ministers in 1662 to offer partial church membership to people who had not experienced conversion
82526328Salem Witch TrialsLate seventeenth-century judicial event that inflamed popular feelings, led to the deaths of twenty people, and weakened the Puritan clergy's prestige
82526329FarmingPrimary occupation of most 17th century Americans
82526330ChesapeakeVirginia-Maryland bay area, site of the earliest colonial settlements
82526331Indentured ServantsPrimary laborers in early southern colonies until the 1680s
82526332Nathaniel BaconAgitator who led poor former indentured servants and frontiersman on a rampage against Indians and colonial government
82526333Governor BerkeleyColonial VA official who crushed rebels and wreaked cruel revenge
82526334Royal African CompanyOrganization whose loss of the slave trade monopoly in 1698 led to a free enterprise expansion of the business
82526335Middle PassageExperience for which human beings were branded and chained, and which only 80 percent survived.
82526336RingshoutWest African religious rite, retained by African Americans, in which participants responded to the shouts of a preacher
82526337NYC Slave revolt of 1712Major middle colonies rebellion that cause thirty three deaths
82526338Nathanael HawthorneAuthor of a novel about the early New England practice of requiring adulterers to wear the letter 'A'
82526339"New England conscience"The legacy of Puritan religion that inspired idealism and reform among later generations of Americans
82526340HarvardThe oldest college in America, originally based on the Puritan commitment to educate boys in the ministry
82526341William and MarThe oldest college in the South, founded in 1793
82526342Half-Way CovenantHelped erase the earlier Puritan distinction between the converted 'elect' and other members of society
82526343Salem Witch TrialsPhenomena started by adolescent girls' accusations that ended with the deaths of twenty people and two dogs
82526344Leisler's RebellionSmall NY revolt of 1689-1691 that reflected class antagonism between landlords and merchants
82535826DutchCorruption of a German word used as a term for German immigrants in Pennsylvania
82535827Scots-IrishEthnic group that had already relocated once before immigrating to America and settling largely on the Western frontier of the middle and southern colonies
82535828Paxton BoysRebellious movement of frontiersman in the southern colonies that included future president Andrew Jackson
82535829Jail BirdsPopular term for convicted criminals dumped on colonies by British authorities
82535830Praying TownsTerm for New England settlements where Indians from various tribes were gathered to be Christianized
82535831LawyersA once-despised profession that rose in prestige after 1750 because its practitioners defended colonial rights
82535832Triangular TradeSmall but profitable trade route that linked New England, Africa, and the West Indies
82535833TavernsPopular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate
82535834EstablishedTerm for tax-supported condition of Congregational and Anglican churches, but not of Baptists, Quakers and Roman Catholics
82535835Great AwakeningSpectacular, emotional religious revival of the 1730s and 1740s
82535836New LightsMinisters who supported the Great Awakening against the 'old light' clergy who rejected it
82535837CollegesInstitutions that were founded in greater numbers as a result of the Great Awakening, although a few had been found earlier
82535838Zenger CaseThe case that established the precedent that true statements about public officials could not be prosecuted as libel
82535839CouncilThe upper house of colonial legislature, appointed by the crown or the proprietor
82535840Poor Richard's AlmanacBen Franklin's highly popular collection of information, parables, and advice
82535841PhiladelphiaLeading city of the colonies; home of Ben Franklin
82535842African AmericansLargest non-English group in the colonies
82535843Scots-IrishGroup that settled the frontier, made whiskey, and hated the British and other governmental authorities
82535844Paxton Boys and RegulatorsScots-Irish frontiersman who protested against colonial elites of Penn. and NC
82535845Patrick HenryEloquent lawyer-orator who argued in defense of colonial rights
82535846Molasses ActAttempt by British authorities to squelch colonial trade with French West Indies
82535847Anglican ChurchEstablished religion in southern colonies and NY, weakened by lackadaisical clergy and too-close ties with British crown
82535848Jonathan EdwardsBrilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening
82535849George WhitefieldItinerant British evangelist who spread the Great Awakening throughout colonies
82535850Benjamin FranklinAuthor, scientist, printer; 'the first civilized American'
82535851John Peter ZengerColonial printer whose case helped begin freedom of the press
82535852QuakersDominant religious group in colonial Pennsylvania, criticized by others for their attitudes toward Indians
82535853BaptistsNonestablished religious group that benefited from the Great Awakening
82535854John Singleton CopleyColonial painter who studied and worked in Britain

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