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AP World History Chapter 24 Flashcards

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141063103mamluksEgyptian slave soldiers1
141063104Muhammad AliLeader of Egyptian modernization in the early nineteenth century. He ruled Egypt as an Ottoman governor, but had imperial ambitions. His descendants ruled Egypt until overthrown in 1952.2
141063105Janissariesopponents of Ottoman reform3
141063106Serbian independenceThe Ottoman province in the Balkans that rose up against Janissary control in the early 1800s. After World War II the central province of Yugoslavia. Serb leaders struggled to maintain dominance as the Yugoslav federation dissolved in the 1990s.4
141063107UlamaMuslim religious scholars. From the ninth century onward, the primary interpreters of Islamic law and the social core of Muslim urban societies. (p. 238)5
141063108War for Greek IndependenceWar against Ottomans for independence6
141063109Mahmud IIOttoman sultan; built a private, professional army; fomented revolution of Janissaries and crushed them with private army; destroyed power of Janissaries and their religious allies; initiated reform of Ottoman Empire on Western precedents7
141063110Tanzimat ProclamationsRestructuring reforms by the nineteenth-century Ottoman rulers, intended to move civil law away from the control of religious elites and make the military and the bureaucracy more efficient.8
141063111Ottoman reformsOttoman military reform efforts follow the empire's transformation to become a modern country. Managed to develop modern army.9
141063112Crimean WarConflict between the Russian and Ottoman Empires fought primarily in the Crimean Peninsula. To prevent Russian expansion, Britain and France sent troops to support the Ottomans.10
141063113Feza felt cap (usually red) for a man11

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