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Junior Year, a first hand account: month one

By: A.Woah
Oct 12, 2009

So, dear readers, I’d just thought that I should inform you about how hell year is turning out for me. It’s been about a month since school began and there’s definitely been ups and downs, but I’d like to say mostly downs.

Also, tip: DO NOT TAKE SAT PREP DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. Yeah, I had Princeton Review from September 1st to October 8th and sitting in prep for three hours Tuesdays and Thursdays and testing Saturdays are the LAST THING you’d want.

Anywho, as usual I do not have A’s in most of my core classes. My current standings are A’s in Sociology and Journalism, a low B in Physics, a B in French 4 Honors, a low A or high B in APUSH2, I have no idea about PreCalc but I’m just going to put myself at a high C low B and I have a whopping 72 in AP Language and Composition. Isn’t that just great!?!??! Uhh no. No it’s not and with progress reports coming out I feel like it’s time to kick it in for the homestretch to ensure that I have at least a high C in AP Lang.

A days are my hardest. I have Physics, French honors, PreCalc honors and AP language in that order and my locker is oh so conveniently located at the back of my school on the the second floor. NICE. None of my classes except for physics is located back there and French is all the way out in trailer land. I can’t use my locker at all which means carrying a 1100 page PreCalc textbook, two French textbooks, the Bedford Reader and all my notebooks to each class.

B days are easier, I have Sociology, APUSH2 which I enjoy, gym and journalism, but they’re really boring at times.

Extracurricular wise, I signed up for Peer Leadership, Key Club and Model UN but I don’t really know about sports right now. I’d like to do winter track, but I usually don’t do too well grade wise in second marking period and I don’t really dig my coach too much. In fact, no one does.

The first two weeks were tough, partly because I was still in sophomore mode and did not want to adjust to new classes but mostly because most of my classes are on the lame end of the cool scale people-wise. The kids that inject life into boring classes aren’t in mine. Hopefully I’ll find something to be grateful for, in A days especially, because I don’t want a Sophomore year repeat. I pretty much complained about sophomore year the whole year until May. Tip: don’t do that.

Until next month,

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