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Homecoming & School Spirit (or lack thereof)

By: A.Woah
Oct 18, 2009

In many highschools, Homecoming is the first main event of the school year. It’s usually a big deal. There is a court, there is a fancy venue chosen and a King and Queen are crowned. So why is it that my highschool has such an apathetic view on Homecoming?

Seriously, it’s been downgraded to a “social”, yet we still have a Court? We even got a decent DJ (or so I hear) and we have the band that won our Battle of the Bands last year playing. I can tell that my school is trying to make Homecoming more exciting and my friends from student council tell me that even with all the preparation, dancing the school cafeteria is not very atmospheric. Hence, the downgrade to a “social”. Why is it that our school is so lame when it comes to Homecoming? Is it due to our apathetic student body, our lack of money, or because we have so many old people in Monroe? Growing up on TRL and Made on MTV, I envisioned my high school as immense and filled with tons of people. Actually, my high school is on the small side, doesn’t have that much students and we have considerably less school spirit than the schools I saw on TV. Does school spirit correlate with the size of the student body?

To be honest, I’ve never been to a school “social” function since my 8th Grade formal in middle school. I’ve never seen the plays and showcases at my highschool. I’ve never gone to the lame homecomings. I’ve never been to Battle of the Bands, or Mr. Monroe. And with this year and the amount of work to do, I don’t know whether I will break the habit of not going to see anything. Trust me, I’d much rather go to these things than staying at home checking for new notifications on my Facebook.


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hm..our school seems to be eager to go to homecoming this year. Even though our schools seem to be different because if you go to the dances at our school, its just like a regular party. Although our homecoming wont be held in a cafetiera, but in the schools main foyer, kids dont seem to mind.
I love photography and have taken classes on it, so the student council is wanting me to go and take pictures. Im not so sure about that though, since im usually not one to actually go to dances and would actually rather stay home. It does seem like fun though because last year the senior class actually wanted me to go and take pictures for their junior/senior prom. I had a blast. Hopefully you have fun at homecoming!

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