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Chapter 06 - Duel for North America

The over-arching theme of chapter 6 is that England defeated France to gain control over North America.

  1. Two dominant cultures emerged in the 1700s in North America: (a) England controlled the Atlantic seaboard from Georgia to Maine, and (b) France controlled the area of Quebec and along the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River.
  2. New England consisted of towns made up by farmers. They cleared the land and pushed the Indians out. New France was made up of fur trading outposts. They were scattered and lived with and often worked with the Indians in the forests and streams.
  3. Like cats and dogs, England and France cannot live together that close. While separated, they were fine, but the two cultures began to rub against one another in the Ohio Valley. This started the French and Indian War.
  4. The French and Indian War saw the English defeat France. France was totally kicked out of North America.
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