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Jefferson vs. Jackson

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Jefferson vs. Jackson


I'm working on an assignment that I'm having a little trouble with and was hoping you guys could help a little. I need to compare and contrast Jeffersonian and Jackson democracy. I've made a list of there major actions but am not sure how to separate them into democratic actions and anti-democratic actions. To fill out the chart I need to separate them into four categories: democratic actions during the Age of Jefferson, anti-democratic action during the Age of Jefferson, democratic actions during the Age of Jackson and anti-democratic actions during the Age of Jackson. I've listed what I have so far. Thanks in advance for your help!

Jackson: Nullification Crisis and Bank Crisis, opposed American system (vetoed all bills for roads and canals)

Jefferson: Louisiana Purchase, Wrote the Declaration of Independence, Authorized the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Embargo Act, Non-Intercourse Act

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both supported by south and west
suported by agarian farmers
believed in rule of the people
opposed hamilton's fiscal policy
Indian relations

Jeffersonian Republicanism actions of Jackson
man of the people
killed bank in bank crisis
indian removal act

anti- Jeffersonian Republicanism actions of Jackson
Nullification Crisis
augmenting the federal government (bank veto and opposition to supreme court during the Indian Removal Act)
passing tariff of 1828

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Andy Jacks was pretty badass. he was a man's man who was for the people.
he knew how to "git 'er done."

Tommy-J was more of a sissy wet pants, but wrote some cool documents.

get busy livin' or get busy dyin'
if the #13 is unlucky, then 12 & 14 are guilty by association :P

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