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Egg Drop.... :O

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Egg Drop.... :O

Once again this is not A.P Physics but it is physics........

I'm working on an egg drop thingy (carrier) and I want to put the egg in the thingy and drop it from like.... the tops of buildings....but I don't want the egg to crack what would be the best model.....(without balloons and parachutes and Jello-why this in the list is a mystery to me).....and under 50grams....which is I don't know....can someone tell me how much is 50 grams in pounds also.....


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Sorry I don't know if this reply is too late or not but here is what I know. You could try using styrofoam. And you can't convert grams to pounds because they measure two different things. Grams measure mass while pounds measure weight. But you can use a balance to see how much your carrier measures in mass.

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with 50 grams its kinda hard. I would just make a canister full of water or gelatin, but with only 50 grams, I would try to get a static system. Just make it so that your egg cannot move a millimeter, and make sure the thing that is protecting it is soft. Just remember the pressure at impact will be the product of how far it moves, divided by how long it takes to slow down. If you can make it take a long time to slow down, or if you can make it not move that would be best. I think the one that would be impossible to break an egg from any height would be a beach ball filled with gelatin, but apparently that is not allowed

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try bubble wrap?idk...


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just hollow out a styrofoam ball.

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I did the same project before, I used two blocks of styrofoam, used the hole to put my egg in with cherios (oh yes I did), and I taped it all together.  It worked perfectly :).   

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