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AHHH!!!! Titrations and Solubility Product

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AHHH!!!! Titrations and Solubility Product

Okay, so i dont have a specific question but i do need help understanding a specific topic. On the AP exam are you expected to graph titration/pH curves? I just dont understand them that well. I've looked at the ones in my chemistry book but i still cant seem to wrap my finger around it. And as far as Solubility Product goes I understand wut it means and how to calculate it but the Common Ion Effect is still eluding me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm with you! I don't understand titrations at all!!!!!! AHHHHHH, they are driving me CRAZY! What is the procedure for setting up a buret in an acid-base titration? WTF IS titration? Solubility products are driving me nuts. I know how to calculate them, but my teacher said something that if "P" is greater than the solubility product then a participate will form. WHAT!!!!???? I feel so lost and it is driving me nuts!!!!!
Anyone that can help, please PM me...

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A titration is a procedure in which you titrate an acid and a bse with an indicator. A common indicator is phenyltheline. It turns pink when the pH is at a certain value. (Each indicator changes colors at a certain pH). Your solubility products vary depending upon the equation, if it is a redox reaction, or the amount of aqueous solutions being reacted. I hope that helps.

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