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Sort the following AP Classes from the Easiest to the Hardest

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Sort the following AP Classes from the Easiest to the Hardest

Sort the following AP Classes from the Easiest to the Hardest of the classes that you are taking or have taken:

* Art History
* Biology
* Calculus AB
* Calculus BC
* Chemistry
* Computer Science A
* Computer Science AB
* Chinese Language and Culture
* Macroeconomics
* Microeconomics
* English Language
* English Literature
* Environmental Science
* European History
* French Language
* French Literature
* German Language
* Comp Government & Politics
* U.S. Government & Politics
* Human Geography
* Italian Language and Culture
* Japanese Language and Culture
* Latin Literature
* Latin: Vergil
* Music Theory
* Physics B
* Physics C
* Psychology
* Spanish Language
* Spanish Literature
* Statistics
* Studio Art
* U.S. History
* World History

My personal list, from easiest to hardest:
-Music Theory
-World History
-U.S. History
-Computer Science AB

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This is it for me (though I'm not really sure about the order):
English Language
U.S. Government & Politics
English Literature
U.S. History

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My classes depend on teachers... So yeah. But this is the general order, I think. I just like history a lot better than other things.

Art History
U.S. History
Calculus BC
Calculus AB
Physics C
English Literature

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AP Gov
AP Calculus
AP Stats
AP Biology

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AP English Language
AP Calculus AB
AP U.S. History (I took it, but dropped out. That's how hard it was.)

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I will go by Category, since it's really hard to compare a science to a english course, since some people are better at one subject than Another.

Calculus AB
Calculus BC (Note: BC covers everything in AB)

AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics C mechanic
AP Physics B (harder, because it covers everything including thermal, fluid, optic, modern etc etc)
AP Physics C E&M

Social Science
AP European History
AP Psychology
(that's all I've taken)

Languages really depends, I am a chinese speaker..chinese would obviously be the easiest for me

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AP English Language
AP Human Geography
AP European History
AP World History (u gotta have an insanely good memory for history classes..which i dnt lol)

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Stats is the easiest math and most useful unless you want to be a math major or engineer.

Enviro is the easiest . It's all common sense.

Psych is the the easiest (probably because its the most interesting)

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Every teacher I've asked has told me that AP Bio is hardest, as well as my guidance counselor (they actually try to dissuade people from taking it...) and a few articles on line. It's pretty common knowledge that Psych and Enviro are the easiest AP classes.

I'm not even going to take the AP Psych class and expect a 5. I know that's the average score in my school, and all they do is watch A&E TV shows.

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I haven't taken many, but:

Music Theory
English Literature
European History
US History - I did great in this class, but bombed the AP exam

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US Government
World History
US History
English Literature


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