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What do you like in a girl

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Joined: Dec 2011
What do you like in a girl

Please tell me what do you like in a girl ?

Whapkid1's picture
Joined: Oct 2011

Most guys like our eyes

SoftBuns's picture
Joined: Jan 2012

Be able to make me laugh.

mrbass1234's picture
Joined: Aug 2012

Nice eyes, good personality, loves music, fun to be around. Fairly good looks, but I know I can't go too far out of my league. Mainly personality stuff, looks are just a bonus.

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Joined: Jan 2005

Fun to be around is definitely an important trait. If you guys can't just enjoy each others company doing simple things, then the relationship wont last long.

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Joined: Feb 2013

Usually guys says like this:

Understanding and opening minded, would be there for me to talk to or what ever, and that would want me to be there for her if her needed me.

tejayasarapu (not verified)
tejayasarapu's picture

i like their  eyes and their smile.

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