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Joined: Oct 2011

So I probably won't ever do anything with this conversation outside of this one post, but... Is anyone else on here in love with Glee and a little disappointed with this season? Or is it just me? Let me know what ya think!

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Haha. Can't say that I watch Glee but I know a ton of people do. I'm sure someone on here will chime in. I felt the same way with 24 when that show was in it's last 2 seasons. Went completely down hill but I still had to watch because I loved it from when it first started.

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Well, I'm not sure exactly when this was posted, so not sure what season you're talking about. Currently though, I am quite enjoying this season (did you see the Santana-slap, that was awesome! :) )

I will say though, that there are occasional lows in the show where I get kinda bored, but eventually things tend to pick back up again (though this can be said for any show, so....)

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