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The Scarlet Letter: Sun and Moon

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The Scarlet Letter: Sun and Moon

it would be a huge help if anyone could tell me the primary and secondary meanings of the sun and moon in the scarlet letter.

i have so far for the sun that it shows sin and also equals purity? its always shining on dimmsdale hesters letter and pearl so i dont know

and for the moon i only have that it hides nothing and shows everthing acording to a quone in the custom house chapter...



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i think that the sun shows what people notice whereas the moon is everything, what truly exists, the whole being, and what could be

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the moon, or night, is like people's secrets and that's the only time when they are ever talked about (usually happens in the forest, but once on the scaffold). The sun, or day, is not exactly truth, but more about appearances (usually happens in town).

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wow, I didn't even realize this connection. i have a summer assignment on this book and i have to create ideas on the book. So it is cool that I ran across this, but I have to make up my own original ideas also.

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Never thought of the connection that way. Interesting.

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I think the sun represent the outer self of a person, it shows faces on different company like friends, family and strangers,"shows sin and also equals purity?". Yet the moon represents who really we are, when we are alone, what is our true nature , secrets that we hide form others, "hides nothing and shows everything".

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Also, keep in mind that pearls are traditionally associated with the moon. Pearl is the evidence of Hester's sin, just as the moon tends to shine down on the novel's illicit activities.

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Notice how Pearl tells her mother something amongst the lines "Look mother! The sun does not shine on you!" while she is playing.
Besides, Mistress Hibbins does her spells at nighttime.

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Ok, the sun represents purity, and the day that is brought with the sun, represents the sins and wrong doings of hester and the minister. Although the town does not know of the minister's sin until the end, the sun is the "shining" force that reminds both hester and the minister of their sin. You can also refer to the biblical quote, "anything that is done in the dark, shall be brought forth in the light." (Hence comparing the moon to the dakness and sin, and the sun to the light, and the eventual revealing of the truth.) the moon is the cover for both hester and the minister, because their sin is "in the dark" so to speak.

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