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Jacksonian Era

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520596902Which statemet regarding the american electorate durring the 1820s is true? A. the right to vote was expanded to include many more white males B. the right to vote was restricted to property owners C. married white women had the right to vote but could not hold elected office D.changes in votion rights occurred first in new england states and spread west. C.older states began to expand their property ownership requirementsA. the right to vote was expanded to include many more white males (pg. 238)
520596903The lawyer and activist who led the campaign to expand voting rights in Rhode Island was A. Amos Kendall. B. Joseph Story. C. Daniel Webster. D. Roger Taney. E. Thomas Dorr.E. Thomas Dorr (pg. 239)
520596904By the 1830s, political parties were generally regarded as A. in the control of special interest factions. B. unnecessary to the political process. C. a dangerous threat to the democratic process. D. a desired and essential part of the democratic process. E. an aberrationD. a desired and essential part of the democratic process (pg. 240)
520596905In the 1830s, an argument in favor of political parties was the belief that A. the parties would provide the training ground for candidates. B. a permanent political opposition made parties sensitive to the people's will. C. the present system of government had little effective organization. D. inexperienced political candidates would be less likely to gain office. E. parties could create a broader form of consensus than individual leaders.B. a permanent political opposition made parties sensitive to the poeple's will (pg 241)
520596906According to Andrew Jackson's theory of democracy A. there should be one national political party. B. all white male citizens should be treated equally. C. all white Americans should eventually be given the vote. D. slavery should not extend into the west. E. the South and West deserved special privileges as growing areas.B. all white male citizens should be treated equally (pg242)
520596907The "spoils system" refers to A. making illegal payoffs to political supporters. B. giving away land taken from Indians to white settlers. C. the destruction of land by overly aggressive settlement. D. giving out jobs as political rewards. E. parceling out federal land to the highest bidder.D. giving out jobs as political rewards
520596908As president, Andrew Jackson believed the power of the federal government A. should be reduced. B. should be expanded. C. was supreme over individual states. D. should be expanded and was supreme over individual states. E. should be reduced and yet was supreme over individual states.E. should be reduced and yet was supreme over induvidual states (pg243)
520596909In the 1820s, John C. Calhoun proposed his doctrine of nullification A. to reduce the political power of Andrew Jackson. B. as an alternative to possible secession. C. as a means to end the national bank. D. to support trade tariffs. E. to counter the growing influence of abolitionism in the North.B. as an alternative to possible secession (pg243)
520596910In his doctrine of nullification, John C. Calhoun argued A. that states were the final authority on the constitutionality of federal laws. B. all laws related to a state's economic development should come from that state. C. states, not the Congress, should ratify amendments to the constitution. D. there should not be a federal court system. E. that a state could not impose tariffs and levies on goods made in a neighboring state.A. that all states were the final authority on the constitutionality of federal laws (pg243)
520596911The political significance of Peggy Eaton on Andrew Jackson's administration was A. the presidential aspirations of John C. Calhoun were likely ended. B. John Eaton's ties with the administration were strengthened. C. Martin Van Buren had a political falling out with President Jackson. D. the political strength of President Jackson was weakened. E. it encouraged Jackson to liberalize the nation's divorce and coverture laws.A. the presidential aspirations of john c. calhoun were likely ended
520596912Senator Robert Hayne represented the state of A. New York. B. Ohio. C. Pennsylvania. D. Virginia. E. South Carolina.E. South Carolina (pg244)
520596913In 1830, what political figure said, "Our Federal Union—It must be preserved"? A. Andrew Jackson B. Robert Hayne C. John C. Calhoun D. Daniel Webster E. Henry ClayA. Andrew Jackson
520596914In 1833, the nullification crisis came to an end after President Andrew Jackson A. authorized the use of military force to see the acts of Congress were obeyed. B. raised the tariff. C. threatened to arrest supporters of nullification. D. agreed to give a larger share of federal authority to the states. E. acceded to John C. Calhoun's doctrine of nullification.A. authorized the use of military force to see the acts of congress were obeyed (245)
520596915The Black Hawk War A. constituted a major, although temporary, Indian victory. B. occurred in New England and upstate New York. C. was notable for vicious behavior by the American military. D. was sparked by the kidnapping of the leader of the Fox Indians. E. resulted in the removal of the Five Civilized Tribes to the west.C. was notabel for vicious behavior by the American military
520596916The "Trail of Tears" taken by the Cherokees led them to the area that later became A. Texas. B. Oklahoma. C. Missouri. D. New Mexico. E. Nevada.B. Olahoma (247)
520596917Of the "Five Civilized Tribes," the tribe that best resisted the pressures of removal were the A. Creeks. B. Choctaws. C. Seminoles. D. Chickasaws. E. Cherokees.C. Seminoles (248)
520596918In 1830, President Andrew Jackson vetoed a federal subsidy to the Maysville Road because A. he sought to demonstrate his presidential power at a time when it was being questioned. B. the road was not a part of any system of interstate commerce. C. the subsidy was to be paid for out of tariff revenue, which he opposed. D. he thought the proposal might jeopardize his bid for reelection. E. he thought it would upset the balance created by the Missouri Compromise nine years earlier.B. the road was not a part of any system of interstate commerce (250)
520596919In the 1830s, the Bank of the United States was opposed by A. "soft-money" advocates. B. "hard-money" advocates. C. Henry Clay. D. both "soft-money" advocates and "hard-money" advocates. E. None of these answers is correct.D. both "soft-money" advvocates and "hard-money" advocates (250)
520596920In 1832, Henry Clay sought to use the debate over the Bank of the United States primarily to A. politically embarrass President Jackson. B. help his reelection to the Senate. C. promote his "American System." D. boost his presidential candidacy. E. exact revenge on Nicholas Biddle for a perceived slightD. boost his presidential candidacy (251)
520596921President Andrew Jackson's success in abolishing the Bank of the United States A. caused serious political damage to his administration. B. led the nation into a period of long economic decline. C. left the nation with an unstable banking system for many years. D. led him to lose the political support of Roger B. Taney. E. seriously damaged his support within the Democratic PartyC. left the nation with an unstable banking system for many years (252)
520596922Jacksonian Democrats A. praised President Jackson as "King Andrew I." B. faced little political opposition by the mid-1830s. C. were strongest among the merchants and manufacturers of the Northeast. D. All these answers are correct. E. None of these answers is correctE. none of these answers is correct (254)
520596923In the 1830s, the so-called Locofocos were A. radical Democrats. B. defenders of monopolies. C. Southern slaveholders. D. Western farmers. E. radical abolitionistsA. radical Democrats (254)
520596924From the following groups, support for the Whigs was weakest among A. wealthy Southern planters. B. substantial New England manufacturers. C. small Western farmers. D. aristocratic Americans. E. evangelical ProtestantC. small western farmers (254)
520596925During the 1830s, evangelical Protestants tended to support A. Democrats. B. Irish immigrants. C. Whigs. D. German immigrants. E. MasonsC. Whigs (254)
520596926During its two-decade history, the Whig Party won the presidency A. zero times. B. one time. C. two times. D. three times. E. four timesC. two times (260)
520596927In 1836, Martin Van Buren won the presidency because A. he was more popular with the public than Andrew Jackson. B. federal spending had supported an economic boom. C. the political opposition offered multiple candidates. D. land speculation had been reduced under President Andrew Jackson. E. his opponent openly advocated ending Indian removalC. the political opposition offered multiple candidates (254)
520596928In 1836, President Andrew Jackson's "specie circular" A. resulted in a severe financial panic. B. was defeated by Congress. C. was of considerable political benefit to Martin Van Buren. D. required foreigners doing business in the United States to pay their debts in hard currency. E. caused a significant rise in prices, especially the price of landA. resulted in a severe financial panic (255)
520596929The presidential election campaign of 1840 saw A. Martin Van Buren drop out of the presidential race. B. the first influence of the "penny press" in politics. C. Henry Clay chosen as the Whig presidential candidate. D. the emergence of the Republican Party. E. William Henry Harrison serve as the Democratic candidateB. the first influence of the "penny press" in politics (256)
520596930As president, John Tyler A. was a Whig who had once been a Democrat. B. favored the recharter of the Bank of the United States. C. considered Andrew Jackson to be his political role model. D. approved several internal improvement bills. E. forced John C. Calhoun out of his cabinetA. was a Whig who had once been a Democrat (257)
520596931Which statement about the 1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty is FALSE? A. It settled the Aroostook War. B. It resulted in new territory being added to the United States. C. It included an American pledge not to allow slave ships to land at British ports. D. It included a British pledge not to interfere with American ships. E. It significantly improved Anglo-American relationsC. it included an american pledge not to allow slave ships to land at British ports (259)
520596932The "age of Jackson" was less a triumph for the common man than conservatives fearedTrue (237)
520596933The Dorr Rebellion was generally consistent with Jacksonian principleTrue (238)
520596934One of the major reforms of the Jacksonian period was the introduction of the secret ballotFalse (239-240)
520596935During the Jacksonian period, political parties were regarded as a threat to democracy.False
520596936As president, Andrew Jackson's first political target was the Bank of the United StatesFalse
520596937Andrew Jackson believed a strong federal government would lead to a strong democracyFalse
520596938The Peggy Eaton affair improved Andrew Jackson's relationship with John C. CalhounFalse
520596939Calhoun's defense of his doctrine of nullification was directed primarily at the issue of tariffTrue
520596940President Jackson considered those who favored nullification to be traitorsTrue
520596941In the early nineteenth century, many whites viewed Indians as "noble savages.False
520596942In the Black Hawk War, white forces attacked Indians as they surrendered and retreatedTrue
520596943Unlike most other tribes, the relocation of the Seminoles in Florida was never completedTrue
520596944President Jackson vetoed the Maysville Road even though this proposed road was in his home statetrue
520596945The results of the election of 1832 could be interpreted as a defeat for both Henry Clay and Nicholas BiddleTrue
520596946Although political opponents, Whigs supported President Jackson's use of the vetoFalse
520596947Jacksonians were more likely than Whigs to favor territorial expansionTrue (253)
520596948The well-to-do were more likely to support Whigs than DemocratsTrue (253)
520596949The "penny press" was more lively and sensationalistic than previous newspapersTrue
520596950In 1840 the Whigs elected a president for the first timetrue
520596951The "Aroostook War" was the result of tensions between Canada and Mainetrue
520596952During the Tyler administration, the United States established diplomatic relations with Chinatrue
520596953President Jackson's attack on federal officeholders led to the introduction of what one of his allies called the "______________________."Spoil system (242)
520596954Jackson's supporters created the ___________________ as a forum for selecting candidates for presidentNational convention (242)
520596955Thomas Dorr and his followers formed a _________________People's party (239)
520596956John C. Calhoun championed a states' rights theory called ___________________nullification (243)
520596957John C. Calhoun argued that the federal government was a creation of the __________states (243)
520596958John C. Calhoun's most powerful rival within the Jackson administration was ________________Martin Van Buren (243)
520596959The main issue of public policy at stake in the Webster-Hayne debate was the _____________tariff (244)
520596960The most successful of the "Five Civilized Tribes" when it came to resisting Jackson's removal policy were the _________________Seminole (248)
520596961The forced Cherokee migration on what was called the Trail of Tears ended in the territory of ________________Oklahoma (247)
520596962In the election of 1832, Andrew Jackson was opposed by _________________Henry Clay (251)
520596963____________________ succeeded John Marshall as chief justice of the Supreme CourtRoger B. Taney (252)
520596964Radical Jacksonians were known as __________________Locofocos (253)
520596965William Morgan mysteriously disappeared shortly before he published a book, which allegedly exposed the secrets of _________________Freemasonry (253)
520596966The Great Triumvirate consisted of Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and ________________Daniel Webster (254)
520596967President Jackson's distrust of paper currency became obvious when in 1836 he issued an executive order called the "_____________________.Specie Circular (255)
520596968Upon the death of William Henry Harrison, the former Democrat who became president was ________________John Tyler (256)

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