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Ways of the World Strayer: Chapter 17 Flashcards

Terms that are important to know about the Atlantic Revolutions and the movements following those.

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301881004Tupac AmaruThe last Inca emperor; in 1780s, a Native American rebellion against the Spanish Control of Peru took place in his name.1
301881005Third EstateIn prerevolutionary France, the term used for the 98 percent of the population that was neither clerical nor noble, and for their representatives at the Estates General; in 1789, the Third Estate declared itself a National Assembly and launched the French Revolution.2
301881006The TerrorTerm used to describe the revolutionary violence in France in 1793-1794, when radicals under the leadership of Maximillien Robespierre esecuted tens of thousands of people deemed enemies of the revolution.3
301881007Elizabeth-Cady StantonLeading figure of the women's rights movement in the United States.4
301881008Seneca Falls ConferenceThe first women's rights convention, held in 1848.5
301881009Petit BlancsThe little or poor white population of Saint Dominique, which played a significant role in the Haitian Revolution.6
301881010North American RevolutionSuccessful rebellion conducted by the colonists of parts of North America (not Canada) against British rule (1775-1787); a conservative revolution whose success assured property rights but established republican government in place of monarchy.7
301881011nationalismThe focusing of citizen's loyalty on the notion that they are a part of a nation with a unique culture, territory, and destiny; First became a prominent element of political culture in the 19th century.8
301881012Napoleon Bonaparte(1769-1821) Emperor of the French. Responsible for many French Revolution reforms as well as conquering most of Europe. He was defeated at Waterloo, and died several years later on the island of Saint Helena.9
301881013maternal feminismMovement that claimed that women have value in society not because of an abstract idea of equality but because woman have a distinctive and vital role as mothers; women have the right to intervene in civil and political life because of their duty to protect/watch over the future of their children.10
301881014Louverture, ToussaintFirst leader of the Haitian Revolution, a former slave (1743-1803) who wrote the first constitution of Haiti and served as the first governor of the newly independent state.11
301881015Latin American RevolutionsSeries of risings in the Spanish colonies of Latin America (1810-1826) that established the independence of new states from Spanish rule but that for the most part retained the privileges of the elites despite efforts at more radical social rebellion by the lower classes.12
301881016Hidalgo-Morelos RebellionSocially radical peasant insurrection that began in Mexico in 1810 and that was led by the priests Miguel Hidalgo and José Morelos.13
301881017Hatian Revolutionthe first and only successful revolutionled by slaves, begins in full In 1789, France is "on fire" with new ideas of theEnlightenment that assert the "Rights of Man." The French Revolution is led by men such as Jean-Jaques Rousseauin 1791. But it is rooted in theFrench Revolution. The slave revolts begin on August 22, 1791.With over 100,000 slaves in revolt. In three short weeks, the slaves burned nearly every plantation and executed many if not most of the French they encountered.14
301881018Haitia republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola15
301881019gens de coleur libresLiterally, " Free People of Color"16
301881020French Revolutionan uprising of the people that led to the end of the French monarchy and the beheading of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. america happy until violence ensues under the reign of terror17
301881021FreetownWest African settlement in what is now Sierra Leone at which British naval commanders freed Africans they rescued from illegal slave ships.18
301881022Esates Generala. Louis XVI called for a meeting of the Estates General in 1789 to solve the financial crisis b. Each of the three estates received one vote c. First Estate- clergy less than 1 percent of population, no taxes d. Second Estate- nobles 2% of population, no taxes e. Third Estate- bourgeoisie, workers, peasants, 97% of population; high taxes not privileges/power19
301881023Declaration of the Rights of WomenA short work that modeled the Declaration of the Rights of Man and citizen that wrote about how women should be treated the same as other people. It pleaded equality amongst all.20
301881024CreolesIn colonial Spanish America, term used to describe someone of European descent born in the New World. Elsewhere in the Americas, the term is used to describe all nonnative peoples.21
301881025Abolitionist MovementAn international movement that between approximately 1780 and 1890 succeeded in condemning slavery as morally repugnant and abolishing it in much of the world; the movement was especially prominent in Britain and the United States.22

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