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Chapter 27: Empire & Expansion Flashcards

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373323640Alfred Thayer Mahan promoted Amerian overseas expansion by...arguing that domination of the seas through naval power was the key to world domination
373323641Which of the following was not among the factors propelling America toward overseas expansion?the need to find new African and Asian sources of raw materials for American industry
373323642President Grover Cleveland refused to annex Hawaii because...white planters had illegally overthrown Queen Liliuokalani against the wishes of most native Hawaiians
373323643even before the sinking of the Maine, the American public's indignation at Spain had been whipped into a frenzy by...William Randolph Hearst's sensational newspaper accounts of Spanish atrocities in Cuba
373323644Emilio Aguinaldo was...the leader of Filipino insurgents against Spanish rule
373323645colonial territories that the U.S. acquired in the Spanish-American War...Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam
373323646Pro-imperialist Americans argued that the Philippines should be seized because of...patriotism, religion, and economic opportunities
373323647the most immediate consequence of American acquisition of the Philippines was...a guerrilla war between the U.S. and Filipino rebels
373323648Roosevelt overcame Colombia's refusal to approve a canal treaty y...encouraging Panamanian rebels to revolt and declare independence from Colombia
373323649Theodore Roosevelt's slogan that stated his essential foreign policy principle was..."speak softly and carry a big stick"
373323650Alfred Thayer MahanAmerican naval officer who wrote influential books emphasizing sea power and advocating a big navy
373323651Queen LiliuokalaniNative Hawaiian ruler overthrown in a revolution led by white planters and aided by U.S. troops
373323652William R. Hearstvigorous promoter of sensationalistic anti-Spansih propaganda and eager advocate of imperialistic war
373323653George E. Deweynaval commander whose spectacular May Day victory in 1898 opened the doors to American imperialism in Asia
373323654Theodore Rooseveltimperialist advocate, aggressive assistant navy secretary, Rough Rider
373323655Economic expansion, the yellow press, and competition with other powersturned America away from isolationism and toward international involvements in the 1890's
373323656the Cuban revolt against Spainaroused strong sympathy from most Americans
373323657the Maine explosioncreated an emotional and irresistible public demand for war with Spain
373323658the Spanish-American Warenhanced American national pride and made the United States an international power in East Asia

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