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568668471As one progressive explained, the 'real heart' of the progressive movement was to a) preserve world peace b) use the government as an agency of human welfare c) ensure the Jeffersonian style of government d) reinstate the policy of laissez faire e) to promote economic and social equalityB
568668472Progressives who were among the strongest critics of injustice in early-twentieth-century America, received much of their inspiration from a) the Federalists b) the Greenback Labor party and the Populists c) foreign nations d) progressive theorists, like Jacob Riis e) social DarwinistsB
568668473Match each late-19th century social critic below with the target of his criticism. A. Thorstein Veblen 1. 'bloated trusts' B. Jack London 2. 'slum conditions' C. Jacob Riis 3. 'conspicuous consumption' D. Henry Demarest Lloyd 4. destruction of nature a) A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1 b) A-1, B-3, C-4, D-2 c) A-3, B-4, C-2, D-1 d) A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4 e) A-2, B-1, C-4, D-3C
568668474Progressivism a) supported many reforms advocated by feminists b) offered little to the ever-growing women's movement c) supported only the demand for woman suffrage d) followed examples set by women's reform movements in Europe e) reflected the views of working-class womenA
568668475President Theodore Roosevelt branded reporters who tried to uncover injustice as 'muckrakers' because a) he saw them as trying to clean up society b) they brought ugly problems to public attention c) of their work in the 'muck' of the slums d) of their coverage of the meat-packing industry e) he was annoyed by their excessive zealE
568668476Match the earl 20th century muckraker below with the target of his or her expose A. David Phillips 1. the U.S. Senate B. Ida Tarbell 2. the Standard Oil Company C. Lincoln Steffens 3. city governments D. Ray Stannard Baker 4. the conditions of blacks a) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 b) A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1 c) A-3, B-1, C-2, D-4 d) A-3, B-2, C-4, D-1 e) A-1, B-4, C-2, D-3A
568668477Lincoln Steffens, in his series of articles entitled 'The Shame of the Cities,' a) attacked the U.S. Senate b) exposed the deplorable conditions of blacks in urban areas c) laid bare the practices of the stock market d) uncovered official collusion in prostitution and 'white slavery' e) unmasked the corrupt alliance between big business and municipal governmentE
568668478The muckrakers signified much about the nature of the progressive reform movement because they a) counted on drastic political change to fight social wrongs b) thrived on publicity rather than social change c) believed that the cure for the ills of American democracy lay in less democracy and more government control d) sought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it with democratic controls e) refused to look beyond middle-class concernsD
568668479Most muckrakers believed that their primary function in the progressive attack on social ills was to a) formulate a consistent philosophy of social reform b) explain the causes of social ills c) devise solutions to society's problems d) make the public aware of social problems e) link up with movements for social justiceD
568668480The two key goals pursued by progressives were to curb the threats posed by ________________ on the one hand and __________________ on the other. a) New immigrants; blacks b) feminists; patriarchal males c) the social gospel; the gospel of wealth d) the Old Guard; muckrakers e) trusts; socialistsE
568668481Progressive reformers were mainly men and women from the a) middle class b) lower class c) upper class d) new wave of immigrants e) small townsA
568668482Political progressivism a) made little difference in American life b) died out shortly after Teddy Roosevelt stepped down as president c) emerged in both major parties, in all regions, at all levels of government d) was more a minority movement than a majority mood e) began in Northeastern big citiesC
568668483According to progressives, the cure for American democracy's ills was a) technical and scientific expertise b) a third political party c) socialism d) a more conservative government e) more democracyE
568668484To regain the power that the people had lost to the 'interests,' progressives advocated all of the following except a) initiative b) referendum c) recall d) socialism e) direct election of U.S. senatorsD
568668485All of the following were prime goals of earnest progressives except a) the direct election of U.S. senators b) the elimination of graft c) woman suffrage d) ending prostitution and 'white slavery' e) opposition to ProhibitionE
568668486The progressive movement was instrumental in getting both the 17th and 18th amendments added to the Constitution. The 17th called for ________________, and the 18th called for _______________, a) prohibition; woman suffrage b) direct election of U.S. senators; prohibition c) woman suffrage; income taxes d) income taxes; direct election of U.S. senators e) woman suffrage; direct election of U.S. senatorsB
568668487The settlement house and women's club movements were crucial centers of female progressive activity because they a) provided literary and philosophical perspectives on social questions b) broke down the idea that women had special concerns as wives and mothers c) introduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns d) helped slum children learn to read Dante and Shakespeare e) became the launching pads for women seeking political officeC
568668488Which of the following was not among the issues addressed by women in the progressive movement? a) ending special regulations governing women in the workplace b) preventing child labor in factories and sweatshops c) insuring that food products were healthy and safe d) attacking tuberculosis and other diseases bred in slum tenements e) creating pensions for mothers with dependent childrenA
568668489In Muller vs. Oregon, the Supreme Court upheld the principle promoted by progressives like Florence Kelly and Louis Brandeis that a) child labor under the age of fourteen should be prohibited b) the federal government should regulate occupational safety and health c) factory labor should be limited to the hours a day, five days a week d) female workers should receive equal pay for equal work e) female workers required special rules and protection on the jobE
568668490The public outcry after the horrible Triangle Shirtwaist fire led many states to pass a) mandatory fire escape plans for all business employing more than ten people b) safety regulations and workmen's compensation laws for job injuries c) restrictions on female employment in the clothing industry d) zoning regulations governing where factories could be located e) laws guaranteeing unions the right to raise safety concernsC
568668491The case of Lochner v. New York represented a setback for progressives and labor advocates because the Supreme Court in its ruling a) declared a law limiting work to 10 hours a day unconstitutional b) declared unconstitutional a law providing special protection for women workers c) declared that prohibiting child labor would require a constitutional amendment d) upheld the constitutionality of a law enabling business to fire labor organizers e) ruled that fire and safety regulations were local and not state or federal concernsA
568668492The progressive-inspired city-manager system of government a) brought democracy to urban dwellers b) was developed in Wisconsin c) was designed to remove politics from municipal administration d) made giant strides under the leadership of Hiram Johnson e) opened urban politics to new immigrantsC
568668493Progressive reform at the level of city government seeme4d to indicate that the progressives' highest priority was a) democratic participation b) governmental efficiency c) free enterprise d) economic equality e) urban planningB
568668494While president, Theodore Roosevelt chose to label his reform proposals as the a) Fair Deal b) Big Deal c) Big Stick d) New Deal e) Square DealE
568668495As a part of his reform program, Teddy Roosevelt advocated all of the following except a) control of labor b) control of corporations c) consumer protection d) conservation of natural resources e) an end to railroad rebatesA
568668496Theodore Roosevelt helped to end the 1902 strike in the anthracite coal mines by a) using the military to force the miners back to work b) passing legislation making the miners' union illegal c) helping the mine owners to import strike-breakers d) appealing to mine owners' and workers' sense of the public interest e) threatening to seize the mines and to operate them with federal troopsE
568668497One unusual and significant characteristic of the anthracite coal strike in 1902 was that a) the coal miners' union was officially recognized as the legal bargaining agent of the miners b) for a time the mines were seized by the national government and operated by federal troops c) the national government did not automatically side with the owners in the dispute d) the owners quickly agreed to negotiate with labor representatives in order to settle their differences peacefully e) it generated widespread middle-class supportC
568668498The Elkins and Hepburn acts dealt with the subject of a) regulation of municipal utilities b) the purity of food and drugs c) conservation of natural resources d) women's working conditions e) railroad regulationsE
568668499Theodore Roosevelt believed that trusts a) could be destroyed without damage to the American economy b) were greedy for power and wealth c) were too powerful to be regulated d) were here to stay with their efficient means of production e) should be balanced by strong labor unionsD
568668500The real purpose of Theodore Roosevelt's assault on trusts was to a) fragment big business b) prove that the government, not private business, ruled the country c) halt the trend toward combination and integration in business d) establish himself as a bigger 'trustbuster' than William Howard Taft e) inspire confidence in small business ownersB
568668501President Roosevelt believed that the federal government should adopt a policy of __________________ trusts. a) dissolving b) ignoring c) regulating d) collusion with e) monitoringC
568668502Passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act was facilitated by the publication of a) Theodore Dreiser's The Titan b) Jack London's Call of the Wild c) Henry Demarest Lloyd's Wealth Against Commonwealth d) Jacob Riis's How the Other Half Lives e) Upton Sinclair's The JungleE
568668503When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus attention on the a) unsanitary conditions in the meat-packing industry b) plight of workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry c) corruption in the U.S. senate d) deplorable conditions in the drug industry e) unhealthy effects of beef consumptionB
568668504Of the following legislation aimed at resource conservation, the only one associated with Theodore Roosevelt's presidency was the a) Desert Land Act b) Forest Reserve Act c) Newlands Act d) Cary Act e) Clean Water ActC
568668505According to the text, Theodore Roosevelt's most enduring, tangible achievement may have been a) the Panama Canal b) his trust busting c) mediating an end to the Russo-Japanese War d) his efforts supporting the environment e) his efforts at consumer protectionD
568668506The idea of 'multiple-use resource management' included all of the following practices except a) recreation b) damming of rivers c) sustained-yield logging d) summer stock grazing e) watershed protectionB
568668507Theodore Roosevelt weakened himself politically after his election in 1904 when he a) got into a quarrel with his popular secretary of war, William Taft b) refused to do anything in response to the 'Roosevelt Panic' c) supported the Federal Reserve Act d) began to reduce his trust-busting activity e) announced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as presidentE
568668508The panic of 1907 stimulated reform in ______________ policy. a) banking b) tariff c) land-use d) industrial e) stock-tradingA
568668509Theodore Roosevelt is probably most accurately described as a) an ardent defender of American individualism b) a near-socialist c) a middle-of-the-road politician d) a champion 'trustbuster' e) a political elitistC
568668510While president, Theodore Roosevelt a) greatly increased the power and prestige of the presidency b) showed no skill and little interest in working with Congress c) was a poor judge of public opinion d) was surprisingly unpopular with the public e) held rigidly to ideological principlesA
568668511During his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt did all of the following except a) expand presidential power b) shape the progressive movement c) aid the cause of the environment d) provide an international perspective e) tame capitalismC
568668512As president, William Howard Taft a) was a good judge of public opinion b) held together the diverse wings of the Republican party c) was wedded more to the status quo than to change d) adopted a confrontational attitude toward Congress e) carried on the legacy of Theodore RooseveltC
568668513President Taft's foreign policy was dubbed a) big-stick diplomacy b) the Open Door policy c) the Good Neighbor policy d) dollar diplomacy e) sphere-of-influence diplomacyC
568668514The Supreme Court's 'rule of reason' in restraint-of-trade cases was handed down in a case involving a) Northern Securities b) United States Steel c) General Electric d) Armour Meat-Packing e) Standard OilE
568668515Theodore Roosevelt decided to run for the presidency in 1912 because a) William H. Taft had seemed to discard Roosevelt's policies b) Taft decided not to run for a second term c) he was drafted by the Republican party d) Sen. Robert La Follette encouraged him to do so e) the Democratic Party was splitA

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