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AP World History Chapter 8 Strayer Flashcards

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390127744American WebThe network of trade that linked parts of the pre-Columbian Americas. Provided a means of exchange for luxury goods and ideas over large areas1
390127745Black DeathName given to the massive epidemic that swept Eurasia in the 14th century2
390127746Bubonic PlagueA highly fatal disease spread by fleas, that devastated the Mediterranean world3
390127747BorobudurThe largest Buddhism monument anywhere in the world. Example of cultural exchange and syncretism4
390127748Jie PeopleA nomadic people who controlled much of Northern China in the third and 4th centuries5
390127749Ghana, Mali, SonghayA series of important states that developed in the western and central Sudan, in response to the economic opportunities of trans-Saharan trade6
390127750Ibn BattutaA famous Arab scholar, merchant and public official who visited much of the Islamic world in the 14th century7
390127751Great ZimbabweA powerful state in the African interior that apparently emerged from the growing trade in gold to the East African coast8
390127752Indian Ocean Trade NetworkThe world's largest sea-based system of communication and trade before 1500ce9
390127753Oasis cities of Central AsiaCities such as Merv, Samarkand, Khotan and Dunhuang that became centers of trans-Eurasian trade10
390127754Sailendraa kingdom of central Java that flourished from the 8th century to the 10th century11
390127755MonsoonsAlternating wind currents that blew eastward across the Indian Ocean in the summer and westward during the winter12
390127756PochtecaProfessional merchants among the Aztecs13
390127757MalaysiansSpeakers of Austronesian languages from what is now Indonesia who became major traders in Southeast Asia and Madagascar14
390127758SudanA large region of West Africa that became part of a major exchange circuit15
390127759Sand Roadsthe routes of the trans-Saharan trade in Africa16
390127760Silk RoadsLand based trade routes that linked the distant peoples of Eurasia17
390127761Swahili CivilizationAn East African civilization that emerged in the 8th century from a blending of Bantu, Islamic and other Indian Ocean trade elements18
390127762SrivijayaA Malay kingdom that dominated the straits of Malacca between 670 and 1025 ce. Noted for its creation of native/indian hybrid culture19
390127763VeniceAn Italian city that by 1000 ce emerged as a major center of Mediterranean trade20
390127764trans-Saharan slave tradeA fairly small-scale trade that developed in the 12th century with west African slaves captured in raids being exported across the Sahara for sale mostly as household servants in Islamic North Africa21
390127765Third-Wave CivilizationsCivilizations that emerged between 500 and 1500 ce and were typified by intensifying trade networks22

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