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AP US History, Pageant 12e, Chapter 29

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297551863"Progressives"reformers for monopoly, corruption, social injustice,. Wants to strengthen state power, use government as an agency of human welfare
297551864Henry Demarest Lloydexposed the corruption of the monopoly of the Standard Oil Company with his book Wealth Against Commonwealth, muckraker
297551865Thorstein Veblencriticized the new rich (those who made money from the trusts) in The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899).
297551866Jacob A. Riiswrote How the Other Half Lives about the horrible conditions in NY slums
297551867Theodore DreiserWrote Sister Carrie which traces the downward journey of an innocent country girl who is corrupted by urban pleasures and becomes a prostitute.
297551868Socialistspeople who support community ownership of property and the sharing of all profits, mostly immigrants in the early 1900s
297551869The "social gospel"A movement regarding poverty using Christian principles (education, no child labor, proactive organizations)
297551870"Muckrakers"Journalists who attempted to find corruption or wrongdoing in industries and expose it to the publi for funn and profits
297551871Lincoln Steffenscriticized alliance b/w big business and government
297551872Ida TarbellPublished a series of articles critical of the Standard Oil Company
297551873Thomas W. Lawsonlaid bare the practices of his accomplices with the stock market in "frenzied finance."
297551874David G. Phillipspublished "The Treason of the Senate" in Cosmopolitan, said that 75 out of the 90 senators represented railroads and trusts rather than the people
297551875Ray Stannard Bakerwrote Following the Color Line about the illiteracy of blacks
297551876"Initiative"voters could directly propose legislation
297551877"Referendum"place laws on the ballot for final approval by the people
297551878"Recall"enable voters to remove faithless elected officials
297551879"Australian" ballotprocess of voting anonoumously
297551880Seventeenth Amendment (1913)instituted the direct election of senators by the people of each state.
297551881City manager system (Galveston, 1901)commission would manage urban affairs
297551882Robert M. LaFolletteprogressive Wisconsin governor and senator and presidential candidate, took control away from corporations, regulated public utilities
297551883Hiram Johnsonfought for railroad regulation in California helped to break the dominant grip of the Southern Pacific Railroad on California politics in 1910
297551884Charles Evans Hughesgov of NY, investigator of malpractices by gas and insurance companies
297551885Women's club movementgave confidence and taught skills to middle-class women; literary clubs that educated women in "poem and prose" but eventually became a meeting hall for social issues and current events
297551886Florence Kelly (National Consumer's League)progressive labor reforms for women and children in work place
297551887Louis D. Brandeisa brilliant lawyer and leader of the Supreme Court faught against poor working conditions for women and children (Muller v Oregon)
297551888Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire (1911)factory workers were trapped in a fire due to violations of the fire code, protests and reformed followed
297551889Frances Willard and WCTUleader of the womens christian temporance movement largest in world
297551890"Dry" lawsstates passed these which controlled, restricted or abolished alcohol
297551891Square Deal (three C's)Three C's: -control of corporations -consumer protection -conservation of natural resources
297551892Coal Strike (1902)Strike by the United Coal Workers of America, threatening to shut down the winter coal supply. Theodore Roosevelt intervened federally, and resolved the dispute, supported the strike and helped create compromise
297551893Department of Commerce and Labor (1903)The Bureau of Corporations helped break the stronghold of monopolies.
297551894Elkins Act (1903)law that prohibited railroad rebates and punished those who accepted them
297551895Hepburn Act (1906)A railroad legislation that prohibited free passes on railroads due to their hint of bribery.
297551896Northern Securities Case (1904)The Northern Securities Company was a holding company . The company was forced to dissolve after they were challenged by Roosevelt, his first trust-bust.
297551897J. P. Morgan and James J. Hillempire of Northwestern RR, financial titan
297551898Upton Sinclairauthor who wrote a book about the horrors of food productions in 1906 - wrote The Jungle
297551899Meat Inspection and Pure Food and Drug Acts (1906)made food and medicine that went interstate subject to federal inspection. made food and med safer
297551900"Conservation" movementpolitical, social and scientific movement to protect natural resources
297551901Gifford Pinchothead of federal Division of Forestry, contributed to Roosevelt's natural conservation efforts
297551902Newlands Act (1902)a United States federal law that funded irrigation projects for the arid lands of the American West.
297551903John Muir (1913)famed naturalist
297551904Hetch Hetchy (1913)built dam in SanFrancisco
297551905Panic of 1907short but sharp drop in wall street, people blamed Roosevelt and his trustbusting
297551906William Howard TaftSuccessor of Roosevelt; Different views than Teddy; part of political corruption; Passed Sixteenth Amendment
297551907Eugene V. Debssocialist candidate for election of 1908, won popular vote
297551908"Dollar Diplomacy"President Taft's policy of linking American business interests to diplomatic interests abroad
297551909Payne-Aldrich Tariff (1909)Higher tariff by Taft, who had said before that he would lower the tariff rates.

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