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AP Government Chapter 3--Federalism

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59107307The government's responses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina underscoresthe complexity of federalism
59107308Federalism isa way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of government have authority
59107309A form of governmental structure in which the national government is weak and most or all powe is in the hands of its components (e.g. states) is known asa confederation
59107310Most of the governments in the world today are _________, in which all power resides in the central national governmenta confederation
59107311A unitary system is a way of organizing government so thatall power resides in the central government
59107312What are some effects of federalism?decentralizes politics, creates more opportunities to participate in government, more power to the judicial branch, creates bureaucrats (different levels and more safety nets)
59107313The power to directly regulate such things as drinking ages, marriage and divorce, and sexual behaviour has been grantedto the Courts (the Judicial branch)
59107314Laws that directly regulate abortion, drinking ages, marriage and divorce, and sexual behaviour are policy prerogatives that belong tothe State Governments
59107315What is one example of a confederation?the United Nations
59107316The federal systemDECENTRALIZES; has shared power between units of government
59107317How does federalism decentralize our policies?people debate over whether state or local government should regulate policies
59107318In our federal system, the powers of the state governments are ultimately granted bythe United States Constitution
59107319The Constitution's supremacy clauseis that teh Constitution overrides State and Local laws (NATIONAL SUPREMACY)
59107320The efforts of Candy Lightner and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to raise the legal drinking age to 21 are an example ofNational Congress influence/Federalism influence over states
59107321In the Constitution, the powers to coin money, to enter into treaties, and to regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the states were given toCongress
59107322The Tenth Amendment...reserved powers to the states; are those not delegated or enumerated
59107323Only the national government is allowed toregulate commerce with foreign nations
59107324What was the main criticism of the national bank created by the United States government?It was seen as an instrument of the elite
59107325In its McCulloch v. Maryland decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor ofsupremecy of the national government over the States
59107326The McColloch v. Maryland case dealt with what specific grievance?state taxing a national government (used the elastic clause and interpreted the Constitution)
59107327The Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)established the key concepts of implied powers, broad construction of the constitution, and NATIONAL SUPREMACY
59107328The enumerated powers of Congress and the national government are thosethat are specified in the Constitution
59107329Federal policies to regulate food and drugs, build interstate highways, protect consumers, try to clean up dirty air and water, and do many other things are all justified as _________ of Congress.Implied powers
59107330The Constitution's provision that Congress has the right to "make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution" its power is often referred to as theelastic clause
59107331In determining the power of Congress to regulate commerce in the case of Gibbons v. Ogden (1824), the Supreme Courtdefined commerce as virtually every form of commercial activity
59107332Which federal policy exemplifies the implied powers of Congress?the ability to regulate commerce
59107333Federal policies to regulate food and drugs, build interstate highways, and protect consumers are all justified asimplied powers
59107334The Supreme Court case of Gibbons v. Ogdendealt with commerce and trade
59107335Enumerated powers are those that aregranted by the Constitution
59107336The Constitution requires that states give_________ to the public acts, records, and civil judicial proceedings of every other state.recognition
59107337Contracts between business firms can be enforced across state boundaries as part of the constitutional provision ofthe full faith and credit clause
59107338A marriage license issued in one state is valid and honored in all states under the constitutional provisionof full faith and credit
59107339The constitutional requirement that the states return a person charged with a crime in another state to that state for trial or imprisonment is known asextradition
59107340One recently controversial application of the "full faith and credit" provision of the Constitution is forsame-sex marriages
59107341In ______ federalism, the powers and policy assignments of the different levels of government are distinct, like a layer cake.dual
59107342The national government has exclusive control over foreign and military policy, the postal system, and monetary policy, while the states have exclusive control over other specific areas. This division of responsibilities reflectsdual federalism
59107343If the allocation of power in a cooperative federal system were compared to a cake it would be most likelayer cake
59107344If the allocation of power under dual federalism were compared to a cake it would be most likemarble cake
59107345Over time, there has been a gradual change from a dual federalism to a(n) _____________ federalism.cooperative
59107346Since the ratification of the Constitution, American federalism has gradually changed fromdual to cooperative federalism
59107347In cooperative federalism, in order to qualify for federal grant money, cities and states mustfollow provisions for adopting and enforcing federal laws
59107348Federal regulation of state governmetns is usually accomplished throughblock grants
59107349The main instrument the national government uses to influence state governments isblock grants
59107350The requirement of a drinking age provision before states can receive federal highway aid is an example ofthe national government's ability to influence state policy
59107351The fact that the former Republican majority in Congres prefers block grants to categorical grants indicatesthe government wanted more control over the states
59107352Grants for specific programs distributed according to community demographic factors, such as population or income, areformula grants
59107353Grants that are given more or less automatically to states or communities, which have discretion in deciding how to spend the money are calledblock grants
59107354Expansions of mandated programs by the national government present especially difficult funding problems forstate and local governments
59107355Why isn't federalism advantageous for democracy? Why is it?(NOT) no equal education in states; (IS) more levels=more participation
59107356Over the last 125 years the peole of the United States have turned increasingly to the national government to solve problems or provide assistance becausethe government provides grants

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