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attidude tài dù
conscientious(ly) rèn zhēn
try hard nǔ lì
(study) hard yòng gōng
not enough bú gòu
comparatively bǐ jiào
challenge tiǎo zhàn
difficulty kùn nán
not afraid of bù pà
be scared by bèi ... xià dào
in the past guò qù
from now on yǐ hòu
have confidence yǒu xìn xīn
self-evaluation zì wǒ jiàn dìng
pronunciation fā yīn
tone shēng diào
first tone dì yī shēng
correct zhèng què
oral language kǒu yǔ
fluent liú lì
listening ability tīng lì
speaking ability shuō de néng lì
strong (in ability) qiáng
weak (in ability) chā
question, problem wèn tí
vocabulary cí huì
a sentence yī jù jù zi
a composition yī piān zuò wén

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