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American Pageant 13th Edition Chapter 6

Flashcards for Chapter 6. It may be a bit too thorough since some of the questions are on some insignificant occurrences but there are around 5 questions from each section of the chapter.

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34152372Protestant HuguenotsFrench Protestants who were granted toleration by the Edict of Nantes in 1598 but not permitted to settle in New France.
34152373King Louis XIVAbsolute French monarch who reigned for seventy-two years.
34152374BeaverAnimal whose pelt provided great profits for the French empire and enhanced European fashion at enormous ecological cost.
34152375JesuitsFrench Catholic missionary order that explored the North American interior and sought to protect and convert the Indians.
34152376Coureurs de BoisFar-running, high-living French fur trappers
34152377Jenkin's EarPart of a certain British naval officer's anatomy that set off an imperial war with Spain.
34152378Fortress LouisburgStrategic French fortress conquered by New England settlers, handed back to the French, and finally conquered again by the British in 1759.
34152379Port RoyalInland river territory, scene of fierce competition between the French and land-speculating English colonists.
34152380GermanyBloodiest European threater of the Seven Years' War, where Frederick the Great's troops drained French strength away from North America.
34152381Albany CongressUnification effort that Benjamin Franklin nearly inspired to success by eloquent leadership and cartoon artistry.
34152382George WashingtonMilitary aide of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier after Braddock's defeat.
34152383The Plains of AbrahamFortress boldly assaulted by General Wolfe, spelling doom for New France.
34152384Roger's RangersThe "buckskin" colonial soldiers whose military success did nothing to alter British officers' contempt.
34152385OttawaAllies of the French against the British, who continued to fight under Pontiac even after the peace settlement in 1763.
34152386ConquestThe larger European struggle of which the French and Indian War was part.
34152387Samuel de ChamplainThe Father of New France, who established a fateful alliance with the Huron Indians.
34152388Robert de la SalleFrench empire builder who explored the Mississippi basin and named it after his monarch.
34152389AlbanyDocument that ended the War of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne's War) and awarded Acadia to Britain
34152390War of Austrian SuccessionConflict that started with the War of Jenkins Ear and ended with return of Louisburg to France.
34152391Fort DuquesneStrategic French stronghold, later renamed after a great British statesman.
34152392George WashingtonMilitia commander whose frontier skirmish touched off a World War
34152393Benjamin FranklinAdvocate of colonial unity at the unsuccessful Albany Congress.
34152394General BraddockBlundering British officer whose defeat gave the advantage to the French and Indians in the early phase of the war.
34152395William PittSplendid British political orator and organizer of the winning strategy against the French in the North America.
34152396Plains of AbrahamSite of the death of Generals Wolfe and Montcalm, where France's New world empire also perished
34152397Seven Years' WarConflict that, in Europe, pitted France against Britain's ally Frederick the Great of Prussia.
34152398PontiacIndian leader whose frontier uprising caused British to attempt to limit colonial frontier expansion.
34152399Proclamation of 1763British Document that aroused colonial anger but failed to stop frontier expansion.
34152400New OrleansStrategic French outpost at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
34152401Acadians (Cajuns)French colonists in Nova Scotia brutally uprooted by the victorious British & shipped to Louisiana

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