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The Values of Volunteering

Jul 03, 2009

Volunteer work is an activity that all should participate in, especially in their high school years. It has many positive effects on the present and the future, as well as the possibility of changing a person’s outlook. There are many places and opportunities to volunteer, and if it is at all possible, try to volunteer at a location that is similar to what you will be doing in the future, for example if you are interested in the medical field, try and volunteer at the hospital, if you are interested in the veterinarian career, volunteer at the animal shelter. If a person volunteers at somewhere they enjoy, they will gain much more from the experience, as well as fully enjoy the experience. A person can also gain new experience from volunteer work, giving them a better sense of self, and changing how they think, something that is truly life changing. Then there is the main reason to so many, which is community service hours, which are so important during your high school career. There are many pluses to having a large amount of community service. To begin, there is the simple fact that it will most likely build character, it also has a large affect on your future, and college. Some scholarships even require a certain amount of community service hours for you to be eligible for the reward, or even participate. Also, when applying to college, colleges will look at you community service history, and this is an important factor when it comes to colleges choosing who they want to attend their college. There is no doubt that volunteer work is a large plus, it will give you experience, character, and a better edge at getting to the college that you dream of.

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