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The importance of being a Global Citizen

By: sopokooh
Jul 13, 2009

A wise man once said peace is that which underlies all of the human emotions and human colors. Without peace, there can be nothing more. Peace encourages love and devotion.

I believe people are innately good. We, as ordinary people, are not alone. In every age, there are great moral luminaries to show us the way, to give us strength when the way ahead seems obscured by the mist of hate. People all over the world are fighting for what they believe in, not with weapons of destruction, but through the power of non-violence. But, we too can be luminaries; we must draw upon ourselves to be lights in this time of approaching darkness. The ordinary people need to overcome the dictators, the weapon distributors, and the generals. The ordinary people have to come forward and pull us out of the darkness before it is too late.

They are trying to make a change. Why cant we? It comes down to a choice: The choice to wallow forever in the moral mire and revel in our savage, murderous ways, or rise up, disregard our past and find the way out, in syncopation. It is more than a dream; it is our destiny. It can be done. Peace is attainable through cooperation and understanding between cultures and beliefs. All of you represent more than yourself today, you represent the millions of people that are grouped together within boundaries of sovereignty, unable to speak out against unjust or cruelty, and question our current world peace.

It takes a lot to realize the pain of others, it takes a lot to recognize others’ needs, and it takes a lot to sacrifice your own personal needs. However, it does not take much to initiate a change, mediate a disaster, to make a difference.

The UN is a respected league of nations, as it was once called, that secures the peace we enjoy. It keeps the not-so-distant wars from expanding, and helps to feed our starving brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. The UN is an organization that serves as a mediator between conflicts, a bridge between contrasting governments, and a source of peace for the world.

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