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A meaningful high school experience

By: sopokooh
Jul 13, 2009

When I think back about all those weekends I spent at home studying for the SAT, AP, or IB, I am filled with regret. After all, we are not only what our application indicates. To achieve the GPA and SAT scores my parents required of me, I gave up my passion for music, dance, and art. These ‘insignificant’ aspects of my life were pushed out of the picture because they played no role in determining my admission to a college.

There is more to high school then just grades, SAT, and AP. Parents who push their children to achieve yet more and more must have forgotten what it was like back when school was a place of growth rather than a place of competition.

Staying at home will not help you sharpen the skills you’ll need as a person. Life is not all about work and teenagers need to get out and be free to make the mistakes they may to grow into intelligent men and women. Find the space to express yourself and become your own individual person. Experience the world, determine your likes your dislikes, your dos and your don’ts. Take the time to appreciate what is in front of you: a loving family, dependable friends, and a world full of adventures.

It is summer, I urge you all to go outside and enjoy your youth! Your future will not be impeded by a day’s worth of fun in the sun. Get in touch with the side of you you neglected during the school year. What hobbies have you given up in order to concentrate on your grades? What friends have you lost contact with in order to avoid distractions?
As Kerri King says in his poem:

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great
high school is even better
college, PARITES

school you mite find your true love
new experiences everyday
school, dances
school just school
school who dose not love it
school is fun

school, preps
school, classes
school, math, science, computer classes
school is great love it
school just school
we need school

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