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What Highschool Is All About

Jul 13, 2009

Walking into your highschool, no matter how intimate and small the surrounding and population is to how large and daunting the students and faculty are, one is there for an experience that isnt readily found anywhere else. Highschool is to find out, chip the iceberg, in terms of figuring out who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life, or rest of the iceberg. The nonconformists are usually viewed as the outcasts of the "weirdos" by many people because they dared to be different, but trully they are trully embracing highschool. No, that doesnt mean you must dye your hair green and pink to figure out who you are but instead, its okay to experiment with choices and styles to find one that makes you feel comfortable.

Right now, no matter what grade you are entering in highschool, you are faced with some sort of defining challenge. If you are an entering freshman, the frights of entering a new school in which everything is upon ones shoulders, if you are a sophmore, one is scared about the futures of junior years: SAT, AP, and the loads of summer work. If you are an entering senior, the application process has now begun, and you are about to enter college that throws a whole new level of fears against you. But through all the work, its important not to lose yourself. Becoming cool and popular may not help you in college but aside from that, a only a good GPA won't get you into college either.

Waking up, working, summer homework, internship, sleeping. Waking up, volunteering, going crazy from stress. That is what makes up of a overachieving perfectionist's life. Although hanging out wiht a bunch of friends all the time isnt the best of ideas. To make it easy for you lets do it this way:

1. What is the most important thing to do in highschool:
a. volunteer, intern, hw, GPA
b. party like a rock star
c. be student council president
d. be voted most popular
e. none of the above

2. What position is most important to hold:
a. most likely to succeed
b. party hardy
c. SCA president or board member
d. Mr. or Mrs. Popular
e. non conformist
f. none of the above

3. What is the most important time:
a. afterschool to study and review notes and to commit to extracurricular
b. weekends: parrrrrrrrtty
c. election week
d. time? what time? call sally at 6, beth at 6:15, manicure at 7, milkshake: 8
e. bedtime

Grade Yourself (Don't Cheat!) :

most of your answers A: its obvious that you like to over achieve and most likely hope to get into the best college. Being concientious on school work and what college applications is really important and very admirable for you to focus on. But remember, highschool is also a time for you to have fun, to take vacations, to go hang out at the pizza place, or by that dress at the mall. The four years are going to fly by so fast that your gonna be shocked to call yourself a senior that one year. So live it up, dont crash all at once and give up, but balance yourself so you dont face the music when it comes to networking. Focus on school, but don't forget to make memories so you come out with no regrets.

most of your answers B: WOO PARTY! Everything is allowed in a timly fashion. There is a time for school and a time to have fun. Going to the hottest party of the year is allowed as long as one is responsible. Controling yourself is very important. Yes, you will be the kid at every party and have a blast, but you will hurt your scholastic career in a fashion so you may have to repeat one of those years in highschool and get to college a little late. Party in a moderate fashion.

most of your answers C: You want to be president of the USA, admirable. Its not a good idea to be obsessed with the idea. Competion, healthy. Obsession: Scary. Have a back up, know that your dream is attainable but a lot of hardwork. Being the president of your school won't be your foot in the white house door, good grades, networking skills, and other things are important. Balance yourself and that way you can have the best, making your dream a little bit more definitive.

most of your answers D: Popularity, you define style, everyone wants to be you, all eyes are on you. Remember networking is an important skill in the real world, but to focus on other things would be a good idea. Grades and Volunteer work. Do it upon your interest. For example, if you like make up, get an internship at a salon or shadow a stylist. Allow yourself to experiment but do not waste your time immersed in childish drama, but be yourself

most of your answers E: You are carefree laid back person. The good news, you wont die from a heart attack anytime soon. The bad news, getting into college and succeeding wont be there for you anytime soon either. You need a break sometimes, understandable; but allow yourself to earn that break. Work for it. I promise, once you come home from that party, volunteer, get a B on that Chem test, your nap will never feel better.

F: its nice to see that you arent categorizing yourself as others tend to do, but remember its a time to figure out who you are or what you want to do or what path you want to take, dont be afraid to try new things, as long as your comfortable and the things you try are logically sensible.

You wont be able to relive highschool memories, and may not dawn on you now, it may take a while but remember, you wont see that chick in the hallway or that jock on the field forever, so make the most of it, go grab a bite with the girl, go to the foot ball game. Just remember, balance and equally seperate your time, and boom, your set.

Good Luck. Hey, you never know, maybe i'll see you in the real world!
- Sidd

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