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Why so serious...and stressed?

By: sehe.han
Jul 11, 2009

I know that, and you know that. We all know that, that there is little truth in every rumor and every harmless joke. Betsy* might not have done anything lewd that weekend, but it is true that she is at times, too close with the boys. Calling Michael* fat might have been a joke, but it is true that he might have gained a little weight. Yes, there is that little truth that all rumors and jokes are based on, but afterall, they are just rumors and jokes. However, often times in high school, these innocuous sayings turn inimical; at times, they really hurt us, sometimes leaving a little scar in our sensitive hearts. I guess you can blame the hormones for such sensitivity, but we all know that’s just not it. Rumors and jokes are inevitable, so how are we supposed to deal with them??!

My solution to deal with such futile high school stress is writing. Whereas in elementary school, I was required to write, middle school was the exact opposite—I stopped writing altogether. I started again in high school out of my own desire. I was just looking for a hole—a hole that I could breathe through as I felt suffocated from the stress, rumors, and “harmless” jokes of high school. I was just really frustrated with my mom nagging about studying, colleges, and SAT.. gahh SAT ughh (thank goodness I am over that) so on the paper, I wrote and wrote about how angry I was that somebody was basically controlling my life.

I sometimes read back on the entries and wonder.. what the heck was I trying to say? There’s no such thing as structure in a journal. Honestly, who cares about spelling and grammar when you’re venting out? Now if I was talking to someone like I was writing, the person would have no idea what I would be saying cause when I am upset about something, other things just flood back into my head. Plus nobody has to read it. Honestly, I think people complain too much these day, but with writing, you can complain as much as you want without boring someone with your trivial problems. Right? My journal has also become some kind of a “burn book.” I try to burn all the anger at people, things, and just daily things.

Writing is my therapy, and maybe you should try it too. Nothing to lose except stress, right?

(*the names were just made up.)

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