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By: sehe.han
Jul 11, 2009

I am the type of girl that spends her entire day at Barnes & Noble. I read and read and read some more. I admit, I am nerd. I am at Barnes & Noble until they close. I admit, I am nerd. BIG nerd. Unfortunately , I get to do this on Sundays due to my hectice schedule. So I cherish those relaxing Sundays I have with Dan Brown and David Crystal along with the celebrities I see on magazines. For me, reading is an escape to reality and also the booster to my pride, After finishing a book, I say in my head, "HA! I read this book while you guys were sleeping in on this beautiful Sunday."

Reading is also a good way to learn vocabs. Mind you, that is not the only thing you can do to boost your vocabulary. There are flash cards and vocab lists, but how much fun are they? Not much. Even though, these things are fast ways to cram some fancy words into your head, I still enjoy reading and pretending to be a detective when I see a new word. Most of the times, the conjectures I make about the new words I read are correct; hooray to context clues and tones! However, what do I do when I can't figure out a new word? CHA CHA!

CHA CHA (242-242) is a texting service that answers any questions you have such as the weather, movie times, definition, and etc. Plus it's free. The best things in the world are free. So I will freely say CHA CHA is one of the best things in the world. CHA CHA has been my reading buddy ever since I found out about its existence. So how do I use it? Let's say I dont know what rendezvous means. I will then text CHA CHA (242-242) saying "def rendezvous" Instantly, I get a definition.

So what will you do when you come across a strange word? Don't just move on. Text CHA CHA (242-242); it's your FREE instant dictionary.

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