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Why 9th grade and 11th grade are two very important grades in highschool

Jul 06, 2009

When starting high school many will agree that freshmen year is the most easiest to get through. Many students dont stress the first year of highschool and suddenly over look it. Your 9th grade year is when your GPA starts to build. As many of us know colleges look out for your GPA. If you get into highschool with the "I don't care" attitude it will effect your GPA and once you get to be an upper classmen it may be to late. As you progress through highschool your GPA will be harder to bring up. That being said it would be critical to start your 9th grade year with a BANG. Don't wait until the last minute, do it all you can your freshmen year so you won't have to stuggle later. Finally, as most of us know 11th grade is important because thats the year where you start taking several tests that colleges will be reviewing.

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