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Young Love, NOT!

Jul 11, 2009

Ah, it’s the sweet smell of love! It’s found in the sunny summer nights to the changes found in the autumn days. It may be smelt along the cinnamon scent of winter to the fresh wind of spring. O how wonderful this feeling is. Yet, as love may take its toll on naive minds from middle school to high school, love does age as a kids age. As this love ages, it may age like wine are rot like fish. Then suddenly when love drowns, many young couples think to themselves, “Holy Crap! I forgot about high school!” “My grades are dropping!” or “I regret this now.”

At some point of your student career, you may feel the urge to date or “go out” with a person. Then suddenly, reality sinks in and you realize “oh crap, grades, I’m screwed!” Well, I’m not here to discourage you guys(and girls) from dating, but just to give you a reality check, do not, I repeat do not screw up on school! It’s just as important as maintaining your relationship with your partner.

Treat school as if it was a priority, or in laymen’s terms, as your soulmate. If your relationship falls apart with school, you’ll probably feel the same as going through a break up. Except in some cases this maybe life changing since school may be involved in the product of your future.

I’m not saying don’t date because your future maybe at stake, I’m just reiterating the concept of balance good judgement for it may lead to a bright future, maybe your perfect portrait may include your high school sweetheart!

So from the moment of infatuation, to the feeling of love, to the moment of heartbreak, always find a way to keep your priorities straight. You may prioritize your sweetie over everything, but as we are young, naive, and stubborn, never lose sight of your dreams, your family, your friends, and especially yourself.

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