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Do Some Deep Thinking!

Jul 11, 2009

Yay, it’s summer! It’s that time of the year again where kids lose their brains, forget about school, and unwind on their lifestyle. Some may see summer as an opportunity to live out their dreams, some may see summer as an opportunity to just live at home and do nothing. Whatever you do, do yourself a favor and find an activity to do something productive. Time wasted is time never earned back.

Speaking of time, no matter how old you are, young or old, take time to reflect upon your life, you’ll be very surprised on how many things you’ll find out about yourself. This may seem ridiculous, this may seem stupid, but just try it. Turn off your t.v., find a serene and tranquil space to just be alone.

I say this because as an upcoming senior in high school, college applications, essays, resumes and many other life changing topics are soon to be brought up. I mention this reflection because recently, I couldn’t think of topics to write about, I couldn’t think of which direction my life was heading, I couldn’t think of anything period. In a nutshell, I was lost.

But I guess I’m not anymore when I took the time reflect upon my life which is something I highly recommend you do! You could type out your thoughts, keep random phrases or quotes or save conversations on paper. You’ll never realize your character until you take note of it. Sure you maybe sitting in your seat reading this and assume this is a bogus essay written by a bogus writer, but just remind yourself of who you are because I can honestly say, before I wondered and pondered, reflected and reminisced, I always thought I knew myself pretty well as a person. But after doing a major life reevaluation, I realize that there are ways to improve on ethics, principles, priorities, and perspectives to open many new opportunities. It is amazing how it can take only one day of pure philosophical thinking to change many traits about yourself and your life.

You may find me wrong or you may find me right, but all I suggest is to try this because it really does work!

So if you’re ever caught in a dilemma, think, reflect, reminisce, reevaluate, redirect, and reinforce your life with lessons.

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