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High School : Live It Up !

Feb 10, 2010

Progression or digression?

Three years ago, I remember what I was doing at the beginning of the February, I was a small 165 pound freshman that sat at home and played Counter-Strike and Call of Duty with his online friends eating cheeze-puffs and drinking monsters. Practicing my trumpet for the feild show competition later in the week and dreading track practice for I was the slowest guy on the team. Sophomore year was slightly different, it evolved to live human interaction with other geeks like myself in my sophomore year and eating some sandwiches that someone's mother thoughtfully donated, still constantly practacing my lead trumpet role in the new field show and getting better in track.

For some reason though, I just woke up different, not because I was picked on, or gooned around, I just wanted a lifestyle change. One year back, I remember going on my first date with a girl in my english class to a local barbecue joint, she was impressed by everything I did, it was a great confidence booster, laughing at my jokes, smiling at my dorky mistakes, it was nice. And here I am a 160pound, 5'6", varsity lacrosse player that is about to hit up a party down the street, having the best year of his life.

I'm not saying that being geeky is bad, nor am I saying that being cool is the greatest, what I'm trying to get at is that people change throughout high school. Every kid wants to figure out who he or she really is, weather it is the computer whiz that everyone turns to, or the dumb jock that cracks jokes in the back of the class. I guess it's that period where we constantly can't sit still and just need vareiety, trying new things, meeting different people. Before you know it, you're walking out the door of your high school and entering college and you're wondering what you did for four years of your life. I'm looking at myself and the old pictures that I have and honestly wondering where my life went.

High school comes and goes, so I say live it up ! Get good grades, go out on weekends, and enjoy the care free life.


Firemazz's picture

This article is nearly a mirror image of my highschool life, nice to see someone who wants to enjoy it too!

Corsbydots1995's picture

People are constantly changing and high school is one of those times where you can change from one day to the next, shaping your future by what you do, who you hang out with, and other things like that. Im just deciding to go through high school with my eyes to the future, but living every day the best I can. Getting through it :)

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