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Shouldn't you be doing your work?

By: maria30
Dec 26, 2009

Man oh man do I get this every time, whether I'm on the computer, chatting it up on the phone, T.V, anything at all as long as it's not doing piles of work. I mean who wants to be buried in papers with multiple equations, or scientific terms, etc. We have to come up with a solution for this, don't you think?
So these are some tips to attempt to cure
procrastination and YES I said ATTEMPT. Meaning no guarantees. :) Well, first off when somethings due, it's due. No if's, and's or but's about it. Otherwise your now late project is going to be on top of the new assignment and you'll be stuck with twice as much work to do and an even bigger desire to get out of the house and watch a movie with friends, this coming from personal experience. So now you've got two late assignments and some new ones and this will only get worse thanks to the good ol' snowball effect.
Well how do we stop this? There is nothing more important than preventing it in the first place, but when it all comes down to it the quicker way out is what us procrastinators look for, right? Well one step toward getting work done is deffinitly planning your time wisely. If it means cancelling plans with friends, putting that phone on silent and signing off of AIM so be it, they won't help you get a good grade now will they? While we're at it turn off the t.v or radio and kick out your younger sibling, we need absolutely no distractions.
Now that you've got a nice, clean, quiet working space it's time to crack open the books, what I do is prioritize my work, if I have Bio work and Global work and I'm not doing so hot in Bio, it looks like Bio is going first. Or if my English essay was due two days ago and my French was due yesterday, I guess I'm starting with english, it just seems easier for me to get things over and done with that way. But of course you can go at your pace or your routine. It's all about what helps you best when it comes to getting your work done.
So now that you've gotten a little advice from an all-time expert at putting things off, [joking haha.] stop reading this and go do your work! Come on now it's for school.


Corsbydots1995's picture

Well this was kinda a wake up call for me, thanks for the advice :)

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