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The Importance of punctuality

By: maria30
Jul 07, 2009

What’s the word for when you're on time? You know, like when you have to do a project and you hand it in on the due date? Punctuality? Yeah! There we go! Punctuality…Why is it so important? I’m sure you’ve conveniently had this conversation before. No? Well, either way you’re here because you want to know why punctuality is so important and I’m here because I want to tell you.

The definition of punctuality is the action of being on time. Punctuality revolves around responsibility, commitment, and the seriousness with which you take. Punctuality is a necessity for success, it’s crucial in school, in work, in general life itself. It’s really important in school because some teachers take off points for late work. When you’re punctual it gives offs a good impression, it shows you’re a good student and will surely get you far in life. An irresponsible student who is never on time most likely won’t be taken seriously, won’t have as many privileges and won’t get noticed like a punctual student.

In the workplace punctuality is everything. Your boss will expect 110% of you, punctuality included. To be respected, you need to be reliable,committed,hard-working. You need to be, among other things, PUNCTUAL. Get it? What is to be expected of you if you’re always late? It’ll seem like you don’t care about your job, like you’re asking to get fired.

I know how dreadful deadlines and schedules can be, there's nothing worse than forcing yourself to work at someone else’s pace, but when it comes down to it, punctuality is just another habit developed at a young age. (e.g: school) And if you weren’t able to kick start that habit early, it’s not to late to start now with tips like these:
When you have an assignment. Plan how much time you’re going to take. BE GENEROUS! If you think you’ll need 3 days, give yourself 5 just in case .
When you have to wake up early, get everything ready the night before and go to bed on time! When you’re well rested you won’t find yourself reaching for the snooze button.
Plan ahead. Be ready for anything. Of your ride fails you. Have a back up. Make two copies of your work, things like that.
Get there as early as you can. “If you’re five minutes early. you’re on time. If you’re on time ,you’re late."
Hopefully you’ll put these suggestions to use and I was even the slightest of help. Fashionably late is so outdated.

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