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Chapter 2:the First Civilizations,** River Valley's**

By: Lexi_3us
Sep 24, 2010

Why River Valleys?

1.)offered rich soils and irrigation waters for agricultural puposes.

2.)Tended to be located in places that could offer protection from nomadic invaders.

Why River Valleys(2)?

* following the agricutural revolution,four ancient river valley civilizations emerged. All of them were developed between 3500 B.C. and 500 B.C.

***often refered to as the " Craddles Of Civilization"(where civilization was "born" or began".)

- mesopotamia civilization-tigris&euphenes river valleys(Sothwest Asia)
-egyptian Civilization-Nile River,Valley,& Delta(Africa)
-Indian Civilization-Indus River Valley(South Asia)
-Chinese Civilization-Hugng-He River Valley(East Asia)

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