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Things to know before a College Visit

By: keppy10
Dec 24, 2009

1. The name of the town/city the college is in. (No Joke)

I’m not kidding, some people will go visit a college without knowing this information. I went to my number one choice of college this week for an open house/interview. They had a student panel and at one point they were talking about the best places to eat at in Ada. The girl in front of me turns to her mom and asked what Ada was! It’s the name of the town. I couldn't believe this! She has applied to the college and has made the first cut for one of 165 spots in the pharmacy program and she doesn't even know the name of the town the college is in. Some people amaze me.

2. Whether or not the college has your major.

Again seems like common sense but some people still do it. I went to an college fair and was visiting the booth for a science school and a girl comes up and asked what kind of English/Teaching programs this university had. Honestly, it’s a school of sciences.

3. What exactly your chosen major entails.

Same college fair as before. A girl comes up to the booth and asks if they had a dermatology program. The woman said yes, we have both a pre-med and a med school program and then you can specialize in dermatology. The girl asked if the representative was sure that you had to go to med school to become a dermatologist. Wow, just wow.

4. Actually have questions for the Admissions Counselor

There is nothing more embarrassing then visiting a college and meeting with the Admissions advisor and not having questions. At this point you are just wasting their time. If you don’t have questions, don’t meet with an admissions advisor.

As you can see these are kind of random. They are really just some common sense type things that I have noticed in the past couple of college visits. If you would like anymore help, let me know. I would be glad to share with you some tips and advice for this stressful part of your high school career.

~nicole (aka keppy10)


davidatwood's picture

this will help me a lot this year College visits yay

gshanower's picture

You want to find out what the dorms/apt. situations are. You don't want to go to a school without knowing how many people they shove in a room.

Elizabeth_Flowers's picture

find out how often they clean the bathrooms

biomom's picture

Check out the college website before visiting.
Check out the submissions page. Are you eligible for admission?
Note their mission goal/statement. Are you compatible?
Look at the photos. Do you see yourself?
Go to the academic page and check out the courses you'll take. Are you gulping or gleeful?
Skim a few news releases.
Check out the student activities. Are you going to be holed up in your room all the time or get out once in a while?

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Im getting ready to go look at some, so thanks for the advice :)

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