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First Week Of AP Psychology

Aug 26, 2011

I just found this website, it is so wonderful. I got notice 1 week ago that I would be teaching 2 AP Psychology classes. I had from Friday, August 19 around 4pm until Monday, August 22 to get prepared!

This website will be so helpful!


KBroderick's picture

I had a little trouble with chapter numbers, but I got it figured out!!! Thanks for the great outlines..

AdminChris's picture

Glad you were able to figure out the chapters. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help

mattschreiber's picture

good luck!

MichelSteve's picture

Let me tell you one thing that you are studying and gaining the best knowledge.Try to be a perfect practitioner of this.

tm101's picture

I love AP Psych but there is so much information to process. I would love to find some great notes to help me with studying.

asianmonster's picture

AP psych is so easy! easiest college course

Mikeyye's picture

This website is very nice and will prepare you for the AP Psych test: the easiest AP test you could imagine.

NerdSwagg's picture

One of the easiest most fun classes i have took I had a teacher who taught us the Neuron dance it helps alot to learn how signals to the brain travel.

ekdnlt's picture

first thot u said AP Physics and was like "ITS HARD!!" good luck

radk2014's picture

AP Psych is so much fun. One of the most interesting classes I've ever taken, I hope you enjoy it!

APsuxabigone's picture

AP Psych was my favorite class ever and was the only AP class I got an A in

maggieleibowitz's picture

AP Psych is awesome! So is coursenotes, of course! Enjoy, and good luck!

pmina34's picture

AP psych was so much fun, i loved it and found it so interesting

119738's picture

I'm planning on taking AP Psych next year . I'm glad to hear that it's an exciting class

whunt89's picture

Im in it now and its my favorite class i ever took

whunt89's picture

thanks for the site too

trumkid405's picture

I'm not currently taking AP Psych, but to those of you who are, how do you like the class?

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