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Perfect Peers

Jul 10, 2009

By the time you get into high school, you’ve started to take notice to who your friends are. You’ve probably already got a really good group that you know will have your back until the end of time. But then you get put in different classes, have different lunch periods, and your lockers are on the opposite ends of the school. So you try to keep in touch, promise you won’t let anything come between you, and always tell them you’ll make time. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making new friends. For most kids, the high school you will be attending is a combination of a couple other schools, so there are going to be plenty of new faces in the halls. Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons and start a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. Your old friends will still be there, and if they really are true friends, they will stick around. Find kids that are just like you. Do you really need a group to study with to do successful on a big exam? Exchange numbers with some of your class mates-study parties are a great way to bond, not only because you all share the same stress level, but making friends in a group is easier for a lot of people, as opposed to having one-on-one meetings. When it comes down to your senior year, find the friends that have future plans similar to yours. Is there someone you know going to the same university as you? Knowing a familiar face often helps aid in the transition between high school and college. Is there anyone majoring in the same field as you? Maybe take a summer class with this person-it will give you a head start and it could build a friendship that could last a lifetime. Friends are one of the greatest gifts life has to offer; rely on them when they are there for you, and be sure to always return the favor.

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