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Ap World History

Nov 16, 2011

Okay, in my Ap world history class we do 3-4 DBQ's per unit, and take notes. This is also accompied by one ever helpful study island session. This is not a lot of work, and therefore I'm not complaining. However, when test time comes around the class is generally unprepared and usually bombs. Now I know we should study on our own and am all for that, but what are some helpful hints or strategies for taking these tests?


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Get an AP book from the bookstore. Those things save your life.

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The most important thing you can do is reread the chapter the test will be over the night before(more likely to retain information you process overnight). Doing things like filling out a vocab list will not help you because the test will probably be comprehension based not blatant matching. High school teachers don't really have the authority to make new questions really because history can be biased and highly disputed. Most likey the test will be slanted to the viewpoint of the author of your textbook.Good luck!

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What I tell my students is to not worry about bombing...rather worry about not improving. If you are consistently getting better (even if it's moving from a 32% to a 52%, be happy that the work is improving). Focus more on the skills than the "getting everything correct".

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just study as hard as you can it helps alot

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