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AP World Chapter 1 Terms

Sep 21, 2010

Key Terms
• Civilization- agritcultural life and political economic and social aspects
• Culture- patterns of action and expression
• History- changes in culture and events over time
• Stone Age- 2 million years ago to 4,000 years ago
• Paleolithic Age- before 10,000 years ago “Old Stone Age”
• Neolithic- after 10,000 years ago “New Stone Age”
• Foragers- gatherers and scavengers
• Agricultural Revolutions- most cilivilzations switched to farming because of climate or regional change, animals etc.
• Megaliths- “big stones” religious sites, burials
Reading Terms
• Tehuacan Valley- valley in Mexico, corn became main crop there in 3000 BCE
• Quinoa- protein rich seed grain grown in Peru
• Manioc- corn
• Zebu- humped back cattle in India
• Pastoralism- way of life depending of herds of livestock
• Nuclear family- parents and their children
• Matrilineal- ancestry passed down through women
• Patrilineal- ancestry passed down through men
• Catal Huyuk- town in the Middle East, 7000 and 5000 BCE, covers 32 acres. Mud houses, had tools, weapons, etc. Had art, pottery, baskets. Hunting was still a major part of life even though it was run agriculturally. Very religious, 1 shrine per 2 houses.


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