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US News College Compass - 2012 FREE Full Year Subscription to College Rankings

Sep 13, 2011

Saw a special offer that might be of interest to the juniors and seniors here. U.S. News College Compass is offering a free year of their college profile search. Not sure if it's any better than some of the other resources out there, but at the cost of $0, it's not a bad option to have. Apparently Google has a special deal going on with them.

Here are the features they list on the page:

Expanded Profiles & Advanced Search for 1,600 Schools
All Entering Class Stats, Including SAT Scores & GPAs
Comprehensive Financial Aid Info, Including Average Award Packages
New "My Home" Feature: Save & Compare Schools and Take Notes
Plus: All Graduate School Data (Full Access for 1 Year from Purchase)
Order Your 2012 Best Colleges & Best Graduate Schools Guides Today!

Sign up here: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/store/college_compass_google_deal.htm

Hope it helps!


littledport's picture

Thanks for the heads up, this is really useful

AdminChris's picture

Glad you found it helpful!

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Thank for the link. It's very helpful

Mikeyye's picture

It disappeared...

ilovemath23's picture

omg thanks for the link

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I think this is a very interesting and amazing article with deep research.


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thanks that helps

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This is really cool, i enjoyed it

breezybree's picture

Rhat was really helpful to me

breezybree's picture

That was really helpful to me

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Really Cool, Thanks for the link!!

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soooooooo COOL. bbq sauce.

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it made me a little sleepy..

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I guess you have to have an account. If you don't, some assistance is needed.

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this is sooo educational

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this doc has swag

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