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Jul 10, 2009

Dealing with people you do not get along with is a common issue for teenagers as well as adults. However, as much as most would like to just walk away from the person, a lot of times it is someone we have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s a teacher, employer, co-worker, it’s someone you have to be involved with. The best ways to deal with these types of situations is to remain optimistic and calm. If you are able to do this, then the next step would be to try and talk to the person to resolve your differences.
If that is not possible and the person is being stubborn then you must try remembering the acronym A.C.T. This means accept, cope and tolerate. Accept the situation as it is, cope with the situation the best way possible, and tolerate the situation as much as you can. People will not change because you want them to but, you can change your perspective on people and life.
Especially in situations where the conflict is between yourself and a teacher do not let the issue keep you from getting an education. Talk to your counselor and attempt to switch teachers. If this is not possible and you feel that you won’t be able to learn in that class ask a friend for help or get a tutor. The teacher will get their paycheck whether you learn or not so it’s better to try to overcome it. There is always going to be at least one person who you do not get along with in any environment you are in, you must pick and choose your battles. Sometimes it's just best to accept the situation rather than fighting it and trying to make people understand you. A.C.T. - Acccept. Cope. Tolerate.

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