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Love Haiti

Feb 13, 2010

Many people (hopefully by now) have heard about the tragedy that happened to Haiti earlier this year. At my school this past week we had a charity drive for the relief effort. I know that many people who have heard of the Haiti effort have already forgotten what a tragedy that is still be-folding upon the Haitians. The main message that I want to get out is that the relief effort is still happening. I know that the initial shock factor is gone by now, but people in Haiti are suffering now. People are still dying from lack of water or nutrition. The effort for saving the poor Haitians is still happening. This is a long term effort that is still going to be taking place well into the next couple of years. As Americans, we should know what it is like to have a disaster to hit our home grounds. Not too long ago, the Hurricane Katerina hit the Gulf Coast. There is still poverty in New Orleans today. Before the earthquake that hit Haiti people would go to the grocery store armed because there was not enough food to go around. People of Haiti need support. People of Haiti need recognition still. The crisis is not yet over. There are still many relief efforts that still need to take place. The Haiti relief hits close to home because in my community there are several groups that have been going out to Haiti to help with free medical care and help the communities out that way because there is so much suffering happening. I am very close with the people who are in charge of the Texas portion of sending out the medical care to Haiti now. I will hopefully be joining this effort during the summer to help. There is still a lot of work that is needing to be done. Right now, it seems as teenagers that we cannot do much but sit at the sidelines and watch as people help, but that is not true! As teenagers, our voices can be heard! Take the anti-war movement, that was done by none other then the younger generation. Our voices are just as loud as anyone else's! We can change the world. We just need to make a stand. The Haiti effort does not need to die upon our lips.

Please Contact me for information on how to get a Love Haiti program at your school or donation efforts.

[email protected]

Brooke Barnett
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

-Very inspiring Brooke!
Terry Chan, Editor-in-Chief

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