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Free Vacation

Jul 07, 2009

All of us are quite aware of the term 'economy downturn' or 'recession' and we all know that that's bad news. People are losing jobs, people who have jobs try to keep their jobs and some who've retired return to their old jobs. With all the emphasis on work work work, stress build up and most of us, are in dire need of a vacation.
Spending is out of the question, entering lotteries may end up taking a lifetime until your ticket's called- and though those aren't exactly out of question methods to acquire a much needed vacay' there's really only one kind of vacation that proves to be cheapest, if not for free. One word: books.
You can roll your eyes all you want and think it's the cheesiest thing, but think about it. Books offer something beyond what money can buy...all for free. Books are like gates to an alternate world you can enter for free anytime, anywhere- at your own convenience. You want to visit hogwarts? Go right ahead and pick up a copy of J.K's Harry Potter series in your nearest library. Adventure and new creatures- go to the fantasy section. Something mind boggling and challenging could be found in the philosophy section along with action as you read about rome and spartans and the greek gods. All of what your mind can conjure money couldn't buy. Perhaps this is one of those things that are just...priceless.


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