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Classes: Breaking it down and Making it Easier

By: Fionna
Jul 06, 2009

Picking classes for the rest of your high school lives is stressful and difficult. You’re thinking to yourself that you need to choose classes that correspond with your major, that are required by colleges, and would boost your GPA. That’s too much to think about for one person. But I’m going to break down some of the classes that you can take in high school.

Latin is an excellent class to take in which it was not that difficult if you’re good at languages and it would boost your GPA. However around the middle of the year, you have to take a national test that grades you on how well you do in Latin. The test is multiple choice around 100-150 questions. The test doesn’t affect you at all, but you do get a medal or certificate depending on how well you do on the test.

Marketing: It is a great course to take if you want to have some insight in marketing or want to major in business. Every year there is a DECA competition that you can choose to participate in. If you do you would choose a topic out of a couple that you want to be tested on. You can compete by yourself or with a partner. You would take a multiple choice test and then be in a role play with one other person or two in which you would have to resolve the issue.

Spanish in the beginning is easy at first but as time progresses you start to stray from learning vocabulary and grammar and begin to work on keeping up a conversation with others in Spanish. You do a lot of presentations in front of the class. Spanish is recommended if you want to study abroad, be a translator, or work in a Spanish speaking country.

Biology is about the human body, its organs, and systems. You would learn about evolution, DNA, the types of cells, photosynthesis, reproductive system, animal community, macromolecules, organic molecules, electrons, neutrons, atoms, etc. Taking biology is recommended for someone majoring in any of the science majors.

Chemistry is mainly about chemical compounds, atoms, molecules, photons, neutrons, protons, elements, periodic table, electrons. Topics that have to do with the chemical components of objects. Like biology chemistry is an excellent class to take for someone who is majoring in science.

Early and Modern U.S. History is recommended for someone who excel in social studies classes and who is possibly thinking about majoring in history. Mainly the class is about the history of the United States from the day it was created to the present day.

These classes are beneficial to everyone even if you’re not going to major in science or business or history. Any of these classes can boost your GPA and it would look good on your high school transcript.

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