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My Summer Job

Jul 07, 2009

So you have turned 16 and really want a job. What ever it be for, money, fame, glory, late nights, early mornings, a smell that you can distinctly pick out as the "job smell". For me I heard the smell was really remarkable and was looking for a new conversation opener. For the past two summers, I have been working at the fabulous Hollywood theaters. I've worked in concessions and recently switched to being an usher. Working at a movie theater or any other minimum wage jobs is not the greatest experience of your life, but it is bitter sweet. I have learned to enjoy my work however. There are many parts of work that are great such as:
-Your own pay check
Yep. In the sense of great having money to spend is probably one of the only great parts-until you stay working for awhile. One of my favorite parts of working is that I get to hangout with people of different schools other than mine. Not to mention there is always a possible office love interest, yet for that you need an office, but none the less keep your options always open for someone new. I know not many high school kids are thinking about their work ethic, but this is where most people start to form their job experience resume which is very important for the future. A summer job is not essential, but it does have many perks, the friends I have made have changed me here and taught me about things in their life while I have done the same in theirs. Enjoy the summer.

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