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7 AP Classes for Senior Year, and 5 AP Exams for the Exam in May to study WITHOUT taking the test plus the other 7 classes

Apr 13, 2011

Moved from a harder school to an easier school, and do not want to bore myself out, and so this will give me something to do!!!!!! Also, I don't mind homework and studying, anyways!

Pre-Calculus Honors over the summer of 2011 (Dual Enrollment) at GHHS (Green Hope High School) in Cary, NC

Senior Year Classes:
AP Calculus AB (1st Semester)
AP Calculus BC (2nd Semester)
AP Statistics (Either Semester)
AP English 4/12 Literature and Composition (Either Semester)
AP Spanish Language (2nd Semester)
AP Environmental Science (Either Semester)
AP United States History (Either Semester)
Civics & Economics Honors (I would not take this class, and fill another AP class in its place, but it is a requisite at my new school, but were electives at my old school)

AP Exams I Most Likely will study and take WITHOUT taking the AP Class:
AP Psychology (most likely, since I have heard that this AP exam is the easiest)
AP European History (maybe or most likely, depends on how this AP is, but if anyone knows how this class is or took it, let me know)
AP World History (maybe or most likely, since I have gotten A's and B's in World History from 7th thru 9th grade, and 9th grade was Honors)
AP Biology (the same predicament as AP European History, like I mean the part of letting me know how this AP is, as well)
AP Spanish Literature (most likely, but it depends since taking/studying/doing two AP Literature classes/exams is going to be kind of difficult, but I talk Spanish, so let me know how this class was overall)

If you have ever done this any year of high school, and were able to do it, let me know how you did it, because I need any help, tips, or any feedback on being able to do this. Including time management, being able to memorize the info of ALL these classes, organization, studying and reading skills, and anything else that you can think of!!!!!!! Thanks for reading and for any help you can give! So, leave any questions, comments, or concerns, because anything that you reply will do! Please reply everyone, that is all I ask, because I need to know what you think, and if this is actually possible, or capable of doing! I might be CRAZY for doing this, but I like school, want to get into an IVY League, and by doing that, I am trying to get the National AP Scholar, which you can see at this website: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/scholarawards.html
It tells you what I have to do to earn it, so do you think I should still be doing all of these APs or no? Let me know your opinion, and thank you so much!!!!! Thank you!!

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