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Summer Prep Tips

By: 30Goats
Jul 11, 2009

While taking a break from school during your summer, you have to remember that at some point you have to get ready to go back. This is the worst part about summer, because you have to get ready for school during the time you are taking a break from it. This is frustrating to me, as it is to just about every student in the world. What is even worse about it is the fact that it is so hard to balance vacation time and work time during summer. It’s not like there’s nothing going on during your summer except to prepare for school, so how are you supposed to plan how to get ready in time?

This has always been the question hanging over my summer break. I hate thinking about having to prepare for school during my summer break from it, but eventually we all have to do it. I think that how we go about doing this is up to personal preference. We have to figure out how to plan our work around our busy summers, but make sure we get it done. Since everyone’s summer is different, you can’t say for sure when you should do certain things. That is for you to figure out, but there are some tips that can help for getting everything done by the end of summer.

First, make a list of the things you need to do during your break. Things like summer reading, community service hours, and any other personal priorities you have. Figure out when you will not be able to work on those things, and find periods of time when you should be available. Another helpful thing is to set goals for each thing on your list. For myself, I set a goal to finish one of my summer reading books by mid July. This gives me an idea of how I am doing and whether I should worry or not about getting it done. One important tip is to not set impossible goals, or unrealistic goals for yourself. Saying that you will read your 300 page summer reading book in 3 days is a good way to exhaust yourself and get you to stop working. For something like that, set a much more realistic goal that is easy to reach, such as 30 pages a day or just reading for an hour a day. This helps you become productive and consistent with your work. That is all you need to get everything done in your summer, productivity and consistency. I hope that helps.

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